Spectrum 3.x Product Plan

Dairyland Modernizes its EMS
Establishing a New Application Infrastructure
Dairyland Power Cooperative has been providing reliable electricity for more than 58 years in a service area that
encompasses 62 counties in five states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan). In late 2000, the
generation and transmission cooperative, which provides the wholesale electrical requirements and other services
for 25 electric distribution cooperatives and 18 municipal utilities, decided it was time to modernize its Energy
Management System (EMS).
To that end, Dairyland contracted with Siemens to implement Spectrum PowerCC power transmission control
system components. The overall strategy called for “establishing a new applications infrastructure” featuring key
Spectrum PowerCC components without discarding Dairyland’s existing ARTECS II system (an earlier Siemenssupplied, mainframe-based EMS).
Initially, four Spectrum PowerCC components have been integrated into the EMS, including ICCP (InterControl Center Protocol), a CIM-compliant Information Model Manager (IMM), a commercial RDMBS-based
Historical Information System (HIS) and Energy Accounting (EA). The IMM, PowerCC’s data definition and
maintenance tool, is being used to define all ICCP, HIS and EA data. The ICCP link provides the mechanism to
transfer data from the ARTECS II EMS to the HIS and EA components.
For Dairyland, the result of all this has been easier sharing of HIS information across the enterprise, better
integration between existing EMS-related applications, and lowered administrative and software maintenance costs.
For the cooperatives and municipal utilities that Dairyland supports, and for the individual customers of those coops and munis, the solution means many more years of reliable electric service.
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