HFMA Networking-Understanding & Utilizing Available Resources

“HFMA Networking-Understanding
& Utilizing Available Resources”
Victoria Morgan, FHFMA
Past-President, So Cal Chapter
November 15, 2012
Today’s Goals
1. Show several tools and resources that are available to all
2. Show the value of an HFMA membership. It’s more than a
$275 magazine.
3. Give helpful tips to utilizing the websites and tools available.
4. Discuss how to effectively network with professional
colleagues to a mutually beneficial end.
About HFMA
• 37,000 Healthcare Financial Professionals
• 68 State & Local Chapters
• National Organization Mission
The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) is the professional membership
organization for individuals involved in the financial management of healthcare. HFMA serves and
represents members by
Providing professional development through education, information, certification, peer interaction
and leadership training
Influencing healthcare financial management and accounting policy decisions, principles and
practices through advocacy and dissemination of information; and
Establishing and promoting the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.
Strategic Direction
Vision and Purpose
To be the indispensable
resource for healthcare finance.
HFMA Vision
To define, realize, and advance
the financial management of
health care by helping members
and others improve the
business performance of
organizations operating in or
serving the healthcare field.
HFMA Purpose
“Because of HFMA. . .”
“Because of HFMA, I met hundreds of
dedicated professionals at chapter meetings.
I’m more optimistic about our future after
witnessing your commitment to our industry
. . . Because of HFMA, I worked with some
of the brightest, most talented people I’ve
ever met
. . . If you’re actively involved, you have
your own ‘because of HFMA…’ list. You
already know that the more you give, the
more you receive back. My wish is that your
personal list will continue to grow.”
How do you use your HFMA
Read HFM magazine
Attend In-Person Events for Education and Networking
Resources from the So Cal Chapter Website
Resources from the So Cal Chapter’s LinkedIn Website
Read the Newsbrief
Receive Member Discounts
Attend Webinars or “Virtual Conferences”
Earn a Certification Designation
Resources from the National HFMA website
Access HFMA’s Knowledge Center
Job Resource Center (Hiring or Looking)
Stay Updated on National or Local Healthcare News
Interact on HFMA’s Forums which are Segmented by Discipline
Read HFMA emails such as “HFMA wants you to know”
Utilize HFMA’s National Member Data Base
Noun: 1. relative worth, merit, or importance
• What is the value of your HFMA membership VS the cost of
$275 / year?
• How many of the items from the previous slide do you utilize?
• At >$23 / month, if membership saves you or your staff 30
minutes, or assists in resolving one complex claim, or
improves any Best Practice, your Return on Investment (ROI%)
is ______% <insert your own figure, but it is huge>
Choose In-Person and Distance Learning
• Certification
• ANI: The Healthcare
Finance Conference
• Seminars
• Webinars
• Virtual Conference
• E-learning
Meet Today’s Challenges
“Training, education, and job
requirements keep going up. CFOs
are now truly strategic leaders, so
we've ratcheted up the level of
information for them. At the mid
level, directors and managers need
to operationalize strategies; they
need to know how to manage
change. And people at the start of
their careers need to know the
nuts and bolts.”
-Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA
President and CEO, HFMA
Networking Tips
Attend events as often as you can, including webinars and virtual events
Attend the social activities such as golf, receptions, or this poolside
3. Sit at tables for breakfast and lunch with new faces
4. Introduce yourself to a Board member(s)
5. Ask for introductions to those who may have solutions for your needs
6. If you are a vendor, attend the educational sessions as well as the vendor
7. Ask questions you may have of the speakers during Q&A
8. Social Network – LinkedIn
9. Give feedback on how we are doing / share ideas or concerns
10. Volunteer to serve on a committee
Professional Designations
Position You for Career Growth
A way to demonstrate your
understanding of
healthcare financial
HFM Magazine
Can also be accessed online
when you are logged in as a member. (HFMA.org)
In-Person Events for Education & Networking
Online calendar- searchable by date, topic, location, host or type
Did You Know?
You can access local chapter information such as contact info for current Board
members, current year budget & financials, strategic plan, as well as chapter by laws
and more: http://www.hfma-socal.org
Current and past editions of the our newsletter called Newsbrief can be downloaded
online: http://www.hfma-socal.org
Unless you have changed the default, your log in credentials are your member # and
your password is your last name.
You can instantly locate a state chapter website from this national link:
Chapter Web-site: www.hfma-socal.org
Use drop down side menus to access the site including a listing
of all Educational Sessions, Webinars, and social events
Access Past Chapter Newsletters
Receive Member Discounts
Events are discounted for members and
Current Year’s Buyers Resource Guide is searchable online
E-Learning, Webinars or “Virtual Conferences”
Multiple options are available which cover a range of topics,
some of which are FREE!
Earn a Certification Designation (CRCR,CHFP, FHFMA)
A powerful tool related to career advancement and working industry
knowledge across disciplines
HFMA’s Knowledge Center
100’s of articles and tools broken down by discipline and subdiscipline.
Knowledge Center
Discipline: Revenue Cycle
Sub-Discipline: bad debt, collections, charity, CDM, denials, self pay, patient
Job Resource Center
View Jobs, Post Jobs, Review Resumes
National or Local Healthcare News Updates
Current news articles and opinions.
Older articles archived for searches.
HFMA’s Forums
CFO / Legal/ Reimbursement / Revenue Cycle
HFMA Email Updates
Including weekly news highlights
What could be easier than having all the new wrapped up and delivered?
HFMA Member Login – username is normally your
email address
HFMA’s National Member Data Base*
Searchable by name, organization, title, chapter position, more…
HFMA’s National Member Data Base*
Note: Individual’s email address is NOT exposed
HFMA’s National Member Data Base
*Conditions of use
By accessing this service you agree and accept that the contents hereof are
proprietary to HFMA and may not, in whole, or in part, be reproduced, copied,
disseminated, entered into a computer database, used as part of or in connection
with a mailing list, or otherwise utilized, in any form or manner by any means,
except for the user's individual, personal, and confidential reference. Failure to
comply with these conditions may result in prosecution under federal copyright
Individual email addresses are not exposed through the directory lookup.
Keep in mind, you might be emailing someone’s HOME email address if they have
choose to register that way!
HFMA does monitor any abuse or spamming that may occur through this tool
(remember you are logged in)
Your Leadership Potential
“There's no question that my involvement with
HFMA provided me with the skills and
confidence to move from CFO to CEO,
helped me develop strategic planning skills,
professional-relationships-building skills,
creative thinking, and public speaking. Without
a doubt, my leadership within HFMA also
helped give my new board the confidence to
take that risk on an unproven CEO. HFMA
builds leaders.”
Believe to Achieve
A Better Future in Health Care
“We can't provide the care and
compassion for patients...but we can
help provide the means, we can
doggedly fight for adequate funding, we
can try to correct a massively flawed
payment system.... That’s why
membership in HFMA is so
important. It makes my job so much
easier and rewarding, and I know it
does yours as well.”
Fred Lucky, FHFMA
Senior Vice President
Kansas Hospital Association
A First Experience with HFMA
“Approximately 300 people were
there. The quality of the presentations
was excellent, and the people were so
friendly and outgoing. From then on, I
was hooked on HFMA. The heart of
HFMA's benefits is the opportunity to
build relationships with other
members. From those relationships
flow the opportunities to learn, to
grow in your career, and to feel part of
a community.”
David Canfield
2003-04 Chair, HFMA
Chapter Events – Why WE Do what WE Do….
First Stop: Chapter Davis Chapter Management System
Supports the strategic direction of HFMA
Ensures delivery of services to members
Sets standards that are fair and attainable
Recognizes and rewards extraordinary
outcomes via the awards program
HFMA Fiscal Year
1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter
DCMS Chapter Requirements
Due Date
Required Documentation
Due Date
Required Documentation
June 1, 2012
• Enter Annual Operating Budget via
QuickBooks Online
• Review Chapter Balanced Scorecard goals
• Information due:
• Annual Educational
Program Plan
Jan 2013
Membership Satisfaction Survey
February 10
DCMS Quarterly Reporting Deadline:
• Educational Program Reporting
• Chapter Newsletter Reporting
April 1
Information due:
• Submit 2013-14 Chapter Leadership
April 21-23
Leadership Training Conference (LTC)
May 10
DCMS Quarterly Reporting Deadline:
• Educational Program Reporting
• Chapter Newsletter Reporting
July 1
Information due:
• Chapter Verification Form
• Annual Operating Budget
• Chapter Board Meetings
for 2011–12
• Chapter Bylaws Adherence
• Chapter Web Site
• Founders Award Maintenance
August 1
Information due:
• Annual Financial Review
• IRS Form 990
Fall Presidents Meeting (FPM)
Aug 10
Nov 10
DCMS Quarterly Reporting Deadline:
• Educational Program Reporting
• Chapter Newsletter Reporting
How Do We Know
How We Are Doing?
• DCMS Acknowledgement Reports
• CBSC Reports – Chapter Balance ScoreCard
• End of Month Reports
– New members, transfers in/out, reinstatements
• Posted monthly by 10th of the month
• Program Planning Tool (PPT) Reports
• Annual Membership Satisfaction Survey
– Distributed in October; results shared in January
Chapter Balanced Scorecard
• Emphasizes key chapter performance
• Aligns with HFMA strategic priorities
• Regional Executive Council (REC) sets
elements, goals, weights, and Threshold
Performance Level (TPL)
2012-13 Approved CBSC Elements & Weights
Education (Registrant Hours per Member)*
30 points
The lesser of 14.2 registrant hours per member or 0.5% growth
* The HFMA Strategic Planning Committee expects management to bring this goal back to RE
Council if 14.2 registrant hours per member is exceeded in Fiscal Year 2011-12.
20 points
Align with HFMA’s count of 0.4% over May 1 count
Member Satisfaction
15 points
>= lesser of 60% chapter respondents who are very or extremely satisfied with chapter services
or 5 percentage points improvement over the prior year’s score
15 points
>= % of certified members = HFMA May 1 Average (x.x%) or 1 more exam taken than taken in
the previous year
Days Cash on Hand
10 points
Between 150 and 600 days. Chapters in excess of 600 DCOH parameter, but who achieve both
education and membership satisfaction goals, will receive credit for DCOH.
Chapter Board Composition
5 points
Chapter Board composition to reflect 40% provider percentage as of June 1. All chapters are
grandfathered in and will receive 5 points for the 2012-13 year.
On-time Reporting
5 points
Meet all reporting requirements on time
100 points
TPL = 60 points
Creation of a Chapter Advancement Plan by those chapters whose April 30, 2013 CBSC Total <= TPL
Chapter Award Categories
–Awards of Excellence for
Education, Certification,
–Henry C. Hottum Award for
Education Performance
–Helen M. Yerger Special
Recognition Award
Robert M. Shelton Award for Sustained
Chapter Excellence
2011 Recipient – New Jersey Chapter
What About Me?
• Founders Merit Award Program
• Chapter Life Membership
• Frederick C. Morgan Individual Achievement
Founders Merit Award Program
“Recognizing the Volunteer in You”
 Bronze
25 member points
 Silver
50 total member points
 Gold
75 total member points
 Medal of Honor
Board nomination
3 years active involvement
Gold Award recipient
• The Southern California HFMA chapter is run by volunteers
made up of Board Members, Officers, and Committees.
• We are always in need of active volunteers to serve on
• If you are interested, please contact any Board member or our
chapter President-Elect, Jim Moynihan at
[email protected]

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