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Miss McColl
Highlands High
Orkney Islands
Mr. Island
Initial Professional Development Action Plan
Professional Values & Personal Commitment
Agreed Targets
Social Justice
Become familiar with Learning
Support, Pupil Support,
Communications Support and
Home School Partnership in
the school.
Professional Commitment
Become involved in
collaborative working and
extra-curricular activity
Speak to H White end of
September Speak to J
Black, and K Brown by
the end of November.
Develop Language Unit
for junior school CfE
with L Gray
Become involved in
reading lunchtime club
The Bookies with L Gray
and M Greene.
Assisting with the
organisation of trip to
the Kid's Lit Quiz, West
of Scotland Heat in
November. Prepare for
S6 Study Weekend .
Professional Knowledge & Understanding
Probationer Timetable
• The online timetable has been developed
to calculate automatically the classroom
contact time and will show this at the
bottom of the page.
• If your timetable is not within the set
parameters of 0.55 and 0.82 then you will
be unable to submit it to your
Supporter/Mentor for sign off. Once
completed submit your timetable to your
Probationer Timetable Secondary
• Secondary Probationers should enter
their class details in the appropriate
time slot on the timetable indicating the
class year group and the number of
• If you are registered in two subjects
you must still teach a minimum of 0.55
in your first subject to be eligible for
full registration.
Probationer Timetable
• This should only contain classes for
which you have sole teaching
• Your timetable must not exceed 0.82
(18 hours approx.) of a full time
teacher’s timetable (0.8 until Easter).
• It must not fall below 0.55 (12 hours
23 mins).
National 4
Probationer Supporter/Mentor
• A new record should be made for
each meeting between you and your
• You should record these on a weekly
• From the Supporter Meetings page
click on “Add Meeting”
Weekly Meetings
Probationer Supporter/Mentor
• Use the “Add Meeting”, “Edit” tool
and “Delete” key as appropriate.
• Each meeting should be submitted
for sign off by your Supporter each
• NB: Do not submit until you are
certain that the content of the
meeting is correct.
Observed Teaching Sessions
• From the main menu click on Record of
Observed Teaching.
• Click on “Add Record” and then
complete all sections using the drop
down box for the areas of focus.
• Once complete Add/Save meeting.
• You should submit each record for your
Supporter/Mentor to sign off.
2.1.4 fulfil responsibilities in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and IDL
3.2.1 create a safe caring and purposeful learning environment
CfE Standard
Advanced Higher
Observed Teaching Sessions
Example below of how to complete a Secondary Observed Teaching
Session on the profile; the Primary is very similar
Probationer CPL Record
• There must be a minimum of two entries within
each of the three Professional areas before you
will be able to submit the CPL section to your
Supporter/Mentor at the end of term.
• Under Local Authority record central CPL activities
which have been arranged by your Local Authority
Probation Manager and count as core CPL. These
may be during the school day or you may be told
by the Local Authority Probation Manager to
attend twilight sessions.
– NB: Any CPL provided by the LA but which
you attend voluntarily should be recorded
under personal CPL
Probationer CPL Record
• Under School record the many experiences
undertaken both as your responsibility as a
teacher and as identified as a result of your
targets from your IPDAP
• Under Personal record activities undertaken
at a time and a place of your own choosing.
This is the same as the nationally agreed CPL
for all teachers. The activities undertaken in
this section should be designed to meet your
targets from your IPDAP or areas of your
particular interest.
Continuous Professional Learning:
Probationer - Key Strengths &
Areas for Development
• This section should be completed
by your Headteacher and/or
• You should view and act upon these
comments in your future practice,
and they will form the starting
point for you to complete your
PDAP with your Supporter/Mentor.
Probationer - PDAP
• The Professional Development
Action Plan (PDAP) should be
completed in the same way as your
IPDAP using the information from
the Key Strengths & Areas for
Development instead of the ITE
• The self evaluation template could
be used at this stage in discussions
with your Supporter/Mentor.
Probationer Menu Screen
Minimum Requirements
Should contain a minimum of:
1 entry in each IPDAP area
12 Supporter/Mentor Meetings
5 Observed Teaching Sessions
2 entries in each of the 3 CPL areas
1 entry in each PDAP area
Interim Profile Recommendation
• Satisfactory – Final Profile
• Cause for Concern – Interim 2 Profile
• Unsatisfactory – Interim 2 Profile
Probationer – Next Profile
• Once your Interim Profile has been submitted to
the GTCS your next profile becomes available.
• Your timetable will carry over from the previous
profile and will be at a status “Signed Off” as we
would not expect changes to the timetable part
way through the year. If however you do need to
make changes you should contact
[email protected] requesting that your timetable
be unlocked.
Final Profile Recommendation
• Full Registration
• Extension
– Health
– Competence
• Cancellation

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