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Overview of the Center for Student Success
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Center for Student Success Overview
Webinar Objectives:
• Introduce Walden faculty and staff to student support services and
resources to address students’ academic and skill development needs
• Services to be covered:
• Academic Advising
• Academic Integrity
• Academic Residencies
• Career Services
• Central Office of Field Experience
• Library
• Writing Center
Academic Advising: Overview
Walden University Academic Advising collaborates with students, faculty, and
staff to foster an optimal student experience. We strive to educate and
empower a diverse community of scholar-practitioners to achieve their
educational goals and impact positive social change
The Walden Academic Advising staff is ready to help you:
• Answer general academic policy and procedure questions
• Assist students in program review, development and process
• Assist in student conflict resolution
• Act as a first line of contact for student questions and concerns
• 1-800-WaldenU, option 3
• multiple school/program specific email addresses
Academic Advising: eCampus Site
Academic Advising: Roles and Responsibilities
• Academic Advising Standards
Academic Integrity
Walden is committed to upholding the values of Academic
Integrity and takes a pro-active approach to share our values
with faculty and students and manage expectations. We expect
that all faculty and students become familiar with our Code of
Conduct, which includes professional conduct expectations.
The Code of Conduct office provides:
• Academic Integrity and Turnitin tutorials
• Turnitin reference guides, FAQs, and best practices
• Guidance, talking points, and templates for conducting academic
integrity and conduct inquires
• A database of all student code of conduct sanctions
• [email protected]
Academic Integrity: Classroom Resources
• Turnitin Content Item under Course Home
Academic Integrity: Faculty Resources
• Academic Integrity Section
Academic Integrity: Student Resources
• Academic Integrity/Turnitin Student Resource Website
Academic Residencies
The Walden Residency
Academic residencies are face-to-face sessions that provide students with the
opportunity to meet and network with other Walden students, staff, and faculty.
In many cases, students will encounter peers from different degree programs,
disciplines, and locations, providing them with a truly cross-disciplinary
environment in which to expand their perspectives and share best practices.
Residencies are held throughout the year in various locations around the United
States and, for certain programs, in international locations.
At academic residencies, students have an opportunity to network with other
students and develop the support and skills they need to complete their program.
[email protected]
1-800-925-3368, press *, ext. 88818
Academic Residencies
The residency experience is
focused on five goals:
• Socialization into the Walden
• Skills development in critical thinking,
research, writing, and use of the Walden
Library and other resources
• Quality scholarship that recognizes the
role of scholar-practitioners
Residencies also provide information to
faculty and students through our:
• Website
• E-Campus Community
• Social Media Sites (FaceBook & Twitter)
• Identification with Walden’s mission and
vision for effecting positive social
• Support services to facilitate academic
program completion
Academic Residencies
Experience a Walden Residency
Academic Residencies
Academic Residencies also offers Capstone Intensive (CI)
• PhD-Dissertation Intensives (DI)
• DBA-Doctoral Study Intensives (DSI)
• EdD-Project/Doctoral Study Intensives (PDSI)
5-day sessions designed to help students make progress in writing their
capstone proposals.
Benefits students who have an approved capstone chairperson on file at the university,
have a prospectus on file at the University, and are enrolled in at least one term in the
degree program’s dissertation, project study, or doctoral study course may register for the
Faculty members can recommend students for participation. Students
are encouraged to e-mail their academic advising team to request information about
For More Information:
Career Services Center
The Career Services Center helps students and alumni
proactively develop and manage their careers through our
website, blog, Twitter, E-Campus community, and
individual one-on-one telephone career advising.
Career Services provides students and alumni:
• Advice on setting career goals
• Resources for researching job opportunities and career
• Resume and curriculum vitae tips
• Guidance on networking offline and online
• Strategies to prepare for interviews and negotiating job offers
Career Services Center website
[email protected]
1-800-925-3368, press *, ext. 1399
Career Services Center - Available Resources
• One-on-one career advising
• Blog
• Twitter
• E-Campus
• Webinars on career topics
• Setting career goals
Career Services Fast Facts
• The Walden University LinkedIn Group has nearly
2400 members including Walden faculty, staff and
• Omnibus Survey – 21% of students do not have a job
secured for after graduation; 35% are extremely likely
to use one-on-one career advising.
• PhD students want to teach and consult. Nearly 1000
students attended our webinar on “How to Get a Job
Teaching Online.”
• Our website’s archived webinars include topics such
as the Federal hiring process, how to start a small
business or non-profit, LinkedIn for networking and
your job search, and Walden career changers.
Central Office of Field Experience (COFE)
• Mission
 Provides strategic leadership and advocates for field
experience programs across Walden University
 Manages operational excellence and regulatory compliance to
ensure that field experience services are consistently delivered
in a student-centered, effective and timely manner
Supporting Field Experience Programs
• Assuring compliance with affiliate
agreements with external
• Improving reporting structures to
provide accurate data and tracking
• Positively promoting Walden's
distance learning model of
successful field experience
• Endorsing visibility for positively
impacting opportunities for
international student field
• Collaborating with legal and
regulatory affairs to ensure
reduction of risk and liability
• Advancing adherence to
standardized and disciplinespecific policies and procedures
• Remaining engaged in new
program development
• Consulting as needed to resolve
field experience-related
Field Experience Programs
PhD Psych
Central Office of Field Experience
[email protected]
.5 Paralegal/Contracts Administrator
(to be hired)
Paralegal/Contracts Administrator
Walden Library
The Walden Library
Walden’s online library offers full-text articles, e-books, one-on-one and
group instruction, and document delivery, in addition to guides and tutorials
that help you make the best use of our resources.
The Walden Library staff is ready to help you:
• Use the library and navigate the databases
• Develop search strategies
• Find reliable scholarly sources
• Answer any questions related to your research
• Walden Library Website
• Ask-A-Librarian online form
• Phone: 800-930-0914
The Writing Center
The Writing Center
• Dedicated to helping undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral
students become better writers
• Provides writing resources related to organization, grammar, format,
and APA style
• Answers student questions about the writing process
• Supports students to become effective scholar-practitioners within
their degree program by helping Walden students develop the
written communication skills necessary to become agents of change
The Writing Center—Available Resources
Presentations and Advising at Residencies
(Templates, Handouts, Videos)
Discussion Board
One-on-One Tutoring
Center for Student Success Writing Courses
March Professional Development
Faculty Meeting Follow Up Series
• Information and Resources Students Need to Produce High Quality
Research – Research Center
• Faculty Role in Student Transformation – Dave Clinefelter, Chief Academic
• Helping Students Find and Write from Reliable Research – Writing Center
• Qualities of Effective Mentoring
• Creating Multimedia Messages with VoiceThread
• Providing Quality and Effective Feedback to Students
Stay tuned to your email and CFE eCampus community for more details.

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