Changes in Program Managers, TWGs, CES

OIC-SDS Concerns
• Walk Against Drugs – September 20, 2014;
5:30 PICC Grounds –”Largest Anti-Drugs Walk and
Rally’ (550 students; 150 parents); note:
postponed due to typhoon, for further
announcement by the proponents
• Changes in Program Managers, TWGs, CES
Designations and DO Operations
Programs and Projects
– Ms. E. Diaz/Mrs. E. Arrubio
Senior High School Focal Persons – Dr. V. Javena/Ms. F. Arias
CIP Division Coordinators
– Dr. A. Mendoza/Dr. V. Javena
Division Planning Team
- Planning Unit
Teach for the Philippines Coordinator – Mrs. L. Dela Cruz/Mrs. E.
- Mrs. Arrubio and Mrs. W. Hilario
- as is; Mr. R. Ado (Chair)
Division Investigation Lead Persons - Mr. Ceasar Nachor/Mr. R. Septimo
ALS Supervisors
- Ms. J. Balbuena/Mrs. F. Arias
- Mrs. E. Diaz (SOG)
- Mrs. L. Dela Cruz (Curr. Impl.)
PSB Chair
- Mrs. L. Dela Cruz; members to be
• Mr. Bony Abalos is on top of all Operating
Units, including Finance Unit
• Designation of Ms. Cecille Tria as Budget
• Detail of Ms. Evelyn Rodriguez (BJNHS) as
Senior Bookkeeper -for 2 days/week
NAT Interventions
• Conduct of NAT review should be discreet –
observing care in distribution of NAT reviewers
• TQC to serve as mechanism for NAT review
• Learner analysis using test results to for
learner segregation and learner-focused NAT
• Intensify efforts on Araling Panlipunan
• Produce better strategies in Math and Science
Forthcoming Training Programs
• Review of the remaining programs and projects (for
last quarter)
• Principals Training
• ADR Practicum Internship
• Happiness in the Workplace: Building Relationships
Towards Productivity (Project SMILE) Oct. 28-29
• Special Orientation on Senior High School (urgent –
next week)
• FGD on Continuous Improvement Program (Sept. 30)
• Reiteration of the Total Ban for Stage Plays
and Film Showing
• Guidelines for Field Trips – compliance to
requirements in securing DO permit
• Pilot Division for RAT Plan Cascading –
comprehensive Orientation from HR-Central
Updates from Regional MANCOM
• World Teachers Day Celebration – to send
teachers to the Regional Celebration – TBA
• 39th Anniversary Celebration of DepEd-NCR in
Oct. 3, 8AM to 9PM
• Conduct of EMT Review – details TBA; Wed./Sat
• Preparations for the National Schools Press
Conference – April 6-10, 2015; Div. of
Taguig/Pateros; Opening Program in Big Tent,
Global City; Closing in SM Aura Hall; Committee
on Stage Preparation
MANCOM Updates
• Seminar for Principals, ASDS, SDS –
Dreams…Doers…Achievers – Oct. 9-11, Lima
Park Hotel, Batangas
• RPMS Review by Central Office
Updates on Senior High School
Survey Among School Heads/schools to finalize courses to offer
SHS Repeat Survey of Career Options for Grade 8/9 students
Finalize the Division Implementation Plan
Composition of Division Task Force
Conduct of Stakeholders Orientation on SHS
- Local Government (Mayor, Congressman,
Councilors, Chair on Education, Barangay Captains
Business Owners
Private Schools – principals, supervisors and
Public Schools – including parents (homeroom PTA
and GPTA
Community and Guidance Counselors
Updates on SHS
• Action Plan on Advocacy/Orientation
(Communication Plan); incl. catchy/interesting
– Documentation of all advocacy meetings and
– Questions raised by various stakeholders
• Agenda of advocacy meetings:
– Features of Senior HS (Primer, tracks, strands and
– Essentials/Needs – classrooms, workshops/laboratories, tools
and equipment, teachers, reproduction of modules, etc
– Distribution of Primer to stakeholders
– Commitment/Pledge of Partners
Updates on Senior High School
• Division Geographical Map for SHS (c/o
Planning Officer) for Posting in DO, schools?
– Schools that will offer with addresses
– Directories of SUCs, LUCs, private companies,
• Updating of Division Strategic Plan for submission to
CO-USEC Rivera)

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