Countdown to Kindergarten - Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Countdown to
A Parent’s Guide to
Enrolling Your Child In
Welcome to the Adams 12
Five Star School District
The information provided in this power point
was compiled by parents for parents in the
hopes that it will help answer many of the
questions you have and that it helps you
and your child start the year feeling
prepared and excited to being the school
All I really need to know…
I learned in kindergarten
It’s true! Kindergarten provides all students
the foundational experience that will
support them throughout their academic
Enrollment Information:
 Your
student needs to be 5, on or before
October 1st of the school year he or she
will be starting.
 What if I think my child qualified for early
entrance to kindergarten? Please go to
Enrollment Information:
What will you need to enroll?
Parent or Guardian Photo I.D.
Birth Certificate
Child’s Immunization records
Two proofs of residency documents which
can be: a utility bill, signed rental agreement,
signed sales contract, warranty deed or deed
of trust
You must live in the boundary area of the
school OR you must have been approved
through the Choice process to enroll.
Important Vocabulary
The following terms will be used throughout the Admissions
and Enrollment Process
 Neighborhood School /Boundary School: This is the school
in your neighborhood where your children will attend
based on your address.
 Magnet School: This is a school in our district that offers
specialized programming. i.e. Arts, Advanced Academics,
 Charter School: A school that resides in our district but is
not affiliated with our school district other than for funding
purposes. They operate independently.
 School of Choice: A neighborhood school that falls outside
of your home boundary.
Admissions Information:
Choosing a School
School Choice is a law in Colorado
Your student may go to their boundary school
OR you may apply to go to either a magnet
school (a school that has a special focus) or
another neighborhood school that is outside
of your boundary area.
Our district also has charter schools, however,
their enrollment processes operate
independently from the district.
How do you know how to choose?
Admissions Information:
What admissions process do I
use for each type of school?
All students have a right to attend their boundary
school by submitting an enrollment packet directly
with the school
Students who wish to attend a full-day program at a
magnet school (a school that has a special focus) or
half-day program at another neighborhood school
that is outside of their boundary area must apply
through the Choice Program.
Students who wish to attend a full-day program at
another neighborhood school must apply directly
with the school.
Students who wish to attend charter schools must
apply directly with the school.
Admissions Information:
Choice Program: Important
Choice Round 1 (Priority Consideration
12/1/14 – 1/30/15
(not first-come, first-served)
Extended Day Kindergarten Priority
Application Window and ½ Day Student
(Kindergarten Round-Up)
1/26/15 – 2/06/15
Choosing a School
 The
school district has clear directions
around Admissions and School Choice on
our website:
 This website has many resources that can
help you identify your boundary school,
help you learn more about your Choice
Options, and inform you about openings
for tuition-based Extended Day
Kindergarten Programs.
There are a few things to think
about when selecting a
Type of
Half Day
Extended Day
Tuition Based
*Note: this is the
only option at our
magnet schools.
Title 1 Schools offer
free full day
programming only.
Choosing the just right
programming for your student.
Half Day: Half day kindergarten is offered in all of our
neighborhood schools who do not qualify for Title 1 funds.
There are typically two session: 7:40-10:40 a.m. or 11:30-2:30
EDKP (Extended Day Kindergarten Program): Many schools in
our district offer tuition-based full day programming for
kindergarten students. The school day runs from 7:40-2:30.
Because kindergarten in Colorado is not required, we receive
state funding for half the day only. The monthly tuition of
$300.00 per month allows us pay the teacher to stay a full day
with 1 class.
Please check on our Admissions Website to see if your
neighborhood school offers EDKP. If not, you may still be able
to attend an EDKP program at another school should there be
space available.
Title 1 Funded Full Day
Our school district receives additional funding for
schools that qualify, to support free full day
kindergarten. These schools typically qualify for
funding because 80% or more of their students
receive free or reduced lunch benefits.
If your neighborhood school receives Title 1 funding,
your student will be able to attend full day with no
tuition. Please check our Admissions webpage to
see if your neighborhood school qualifies for these
funds and provides the free full day kindergarten
Readiness Skills
 There
is no set rule about what kids should
know and be able to do before starting
kindergarten. Children mature at vastly
different rates, and their skills change very
quickly. To help assess readiness consider
your children’s ability in the following
Is your student ready?
together a
Hold a book
upright and
turn pages
in order
and follow
Dress, zip,
and button
Cut with
Listen to
You can also check out
What Options do I have for
BASE-Before and After School Enrichment
Program: BASE is an on-site childcare program
offered at district schools. Each BASE program
is independently operated. In general you can
expect a registration fee to enroll your child and
then rates vary by school.
Other childcare options: Some area preschools
will pick up children or drop children off for halfday kindergarten. Check area preschools for
this option or ask at your boundary school what
programs offer transportation.
What if my child has special
learning needs?
English Language
Gifted and Talented
Special Education
School Calendar and Policy
Where can I find out about a school’s
vacations, holidays and scheduled days off?
 The calendar for the district is posted on the
district’s website
Tip: Check your school’s website for a link to its
calendar which will show dates for schoolspecific events like parent teacher
conferences, concerts, and family nights.
School Policies
Where can you find information on the school’s
 Each school has a student/parent handbook
that you should receive at the beginning of
the school year. The handbook outlines
policies related to discipline, attendance,
behavior, and many other issues.
 You can also visit
for more district information.
For more information about our Admissions
Process and Timeline please visit or you can
Call 720-972-4055 for more information.
Thank You
We look forward to beginning our
partnership with you. Please feel free to
wander through the room and talk with our
many talented support team members who
are here to answer your questions.

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