Arab empire 600-1500 AD Abbasid dynasty 750

Arab empire
600-1500 A.D.
Abbasid dynasty
750-1300 A.D.
Umayyad Caliphate
661–750 a.d.
Keenan Hegemann
Caleb Romero
This map shows the
ancient cities and
the land that the
Abbasid dynasty
conquered which is
highlighted in
covered in red
was conquered by
the Umayyad
Present day
• The Abbasid
caliphate was quite
large and covered
all of present day
Iraq Iran and the
Arabian peninsula,
most of Egypt and
northern coast of
•The major religion in
the Abbasid caliphate
used to be and still is
•Even though the major
religion is Islam they
accepted and respected
other religions.
• They were also
polytheistic believing in
many gods but they had
a major god named
World History, Glencoe, 2010
Kaaba Stone
• Each Islamic
community has
its own stone
that they pray
at but there is
one main Kaaba
stone that
everyone still
prays at.
Khwarizmi was a great Muslim
Mathematician during the
Abbasid Caliphate. He was one
of the first founders of Algebra.
Al Battani was the founder of
trigonometrical ratios.
Nasir-ud-din Toose was
considered a genius and wrote a
book on geometry.
Umayyad Achievements
The capital of Islam
moves to Damascus, Syria
Expansion of Islam
touched the regions of
India, China, North Africa,
and Spain
Arabic is the official
language of the Empire
Arabian currency is used
about the Empire
Roads are built
Postal routes are created.

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