Ad Hoc - BIRT Overview (What is BIRT?)

Visual Publisher
Overview and Demo
Mike Macomber
Manager, Solutions Consulting
Visual Publisher – What is it?
• Complement to AdHoc Report Builder, standalone desktop
• Based on BIRT, market-leading Open Source Report Builder
tool from Actuate
• Takes data produced by Report Builder (AdHoc Reporting
• Provides detailed formatting, calculations to generate highlycustomized reports
• Integrates directly into Report Builder
• Reporting Analysts use VP, users see only output
Report Builder vs Visual Publisher
AdHoc Report Builder
Visual Publisher (BIRT)
User-Friendly, Wizard-Based List
Robust, Fully-Functional
Report Design Studio
Target User:
“Super-User” who likes to dabble in
Excel, Reporting
Target User:
Reporting specialist trained in or
willing to learn higher-end reporting
application skills
Primary Features
• List Output
• Sortable, Filterable, Groupable
• Output to Excel, PDF, PowerPoint
• Sharable Reports
Primary Features
• Custom-formatted tabular and/or
graphic output
• Complex calculations, subtotals,
cross-tabs, etc.
• MultiPage templates for report
Integration: How does it work?
AdHoc Report Builder
Visual Publisher (BIRT)
1. Build list output
2. Export Dataset
3. Import Dataset
4. Design Report Template
6. Upload template
7. Run report
5. Save Report Template
Report Builder With Visual Publisher
AdHoc Report Builder
Visual Publisher (BIRT)
Publisher in
Visual Publisher FAQs
BIRT Download

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