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Search Engine Marketing
Digital Marketing. Local Service.
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Reach in-market consumers
Consumer Purchasing Funnel
Digital Product Pyramid
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In-Market Audience Reach: Search
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What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM/ PPC)
• Text ads appear on
top and right rail of
search engine
results page
• Ads delivered when
consumer does
related search
• Appear on desktop
and mobile devices
• Act of “renting
space” on front page
of Google on pay per
click, PPC basis
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Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM/ PPC)
Your consumers are searching:
• 81% of consumers online find
products and services using search
• 13M Australians now online making
6M searches/ day on Google
• 63.9% use search engines as 1st
step in buying process
• 54.6% are 1-3 months from making
buying decision
• 89.7% are 2 weeks- 6 months from
making buying decision
• 36.8% researched and bought online
• 27.3% researched online and bought
Sources: Google, Forrester, Nielsen.
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Search Engine Marketing for your industry
More than 12,000 searches in Melbourne for top related terms alone!
Here’s what they see when they search:
A search of your
name reveals your
competitor is
purchasing your
A search for kitchens
reveals your top 3
appearing above you.
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Your search presence
• No call to action
being used compared
to your competitors.
• No ad extensions
being used.
• Ads appear on right rail =
bad position, low rank,
higher CPC
• Ads only appear for high
level words- not specific
product lines
• Ad links to bad landing
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Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM/ PPC)
Benefits of SEM/ PPC:
• Immediate traffic, giving instant
visibility in front of those searching
for your services and products
• Leveled advertising playing field- not
competing for space, pay for as
much as you want
• Precise targeting to in- market
consumers eliminating wasted ad
• Only pay when someone has clicked
on your ad
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Knowing how SEM/ PPC works
Quality Score!
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Quality score: what it is
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Quality score: why it is important
Eligibility: Determines whether your ad is eligible
to enter the auction for that query
Position: Determines the relative
position of your ad in relation to
the other ads on that result rage
Price: A better Quality Score
reduces the price you need to
bid to maintain a given position
Top Slot: Only high quality
ads are eligible to appear
above the natural search
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Let us help you maximise your presence
1.a competitive
Research: We identify ways to get
advantage on a weekly
Focus: On the core areas of your
and target search phrases
that will drive low cost, quality leads.
Continuously analysing
optimising the best creative.
Currently, your industry is averaging a
$x CPC
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What we do differently
Focus on 5 elements of PPC:
• Keyword Research & Optimisation
• Text Ad Composition & Optimisation
• Landing Page Selection & Optimisation
• Ad Extension Selection & Optimisation
• ROI Based Optimisation
Deploy campaign best practices :
• Tightly themed ad groups based on unique
services and information you offer
Weekly Optimisation:
• Utilize negative keywords
• Add/ expand keywords
• A/B testing
• Keyword cost per click (CPC) review
How this impacts you:
• Each campaign is
customised to your goals,
unlike our competitors
that deploy a universal
• Full transparency into
what is being spent on
search engines
• Saves you time +
improves your CPC=
better return on
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What we do differently: ad exentsions example
Site Links
• Displays more ad text lines
related to advertiser services
• 40% improvement in CTR
Uplift in CTR
by giving ads
more personal
Location Extensions
Shows brick and motor store
location with GPS
Call Extensions
Click-to-Call ads drive an 8%
improvement in CTR
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Dedicated to your search success
Certified, highly skilled
Our certified, highly skilled
professionals will improve all
aspects of your Search
Marketing efforts.
Our search solution offers:
• Certified employees
dedicated to your account.
• Granular tracking and data
model analysis.
• Efficient and effective
pricing models.
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Your proposed campaign
Est. CPC
Spend per
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Example customer we have already helped
Industry case study for industry here. Case studies can be found at (username and
password are both partner2013
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Reporting and Analytics
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Reporting and analytics
Monthly Report with FULL
transparency: automatic monthly
report showing all campaign
performance details by keyword:
Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Cost & CPC
Google AdWords & Analytics sync:
PPC Specialist helps link accounts for
auto-tagging for best transparency and
set up custom conversion goals (or
UTM tags)
Analyze & Optimise: towards goals
such as CTR, phone calls & otherwise
to increase ROI
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Let’s get started: next steps
• Over x searches (insert from earlier slide)
conducted each month- this can’t wait!
• Timeline to get started
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