The Role of Peter in Acts Chapters 1 - 9

Basic Outline
Acts Chapters 1
to 9 Peter is
 Acts Chapters
10 to 28, Paul is
 Leadership Role
exercised by Peter
 calls for a replacement
for Judas
 Peter is spokesmen for
Apostles on Day of
 Peter preforms first
miracle in name of
 Peter is first to take the
message to the Gentiles
 Council of Jerusalem
The Role of
Peter in Acts
Chapters 1 - 9
 Devoted themselves to daily prayer
 Celebrated the breaking of the
Bread on first Day of the Week
 Administers Baptism
 Preached the Word
 Preformed miracles
 Fed the Hungry and cared for the
widows and orphans
 Dealt with internal problems
collegially – Council of Jerusalem 50
AD ?
 From 33 AD until 40s AD basically
worshiped as Jews until tensions
The Official Split with Judaism
 The first decade
 Jewish Christians worshiped in
synagogues and in the Temple
 Divisions begin to arise as Apostles
preach “Christ Crucified and Risen”
Jesus as God
 Persecution late 30s
 Martyrdom of Stephen
 Paul’s Persecution
 In Antioch – Followers of the Way
called Christian for the first time – 50?
 Acceptance of Gentiles – Uncircumcised
– Council of Jerusalem 50?
 late 50s expulsion from synagogues
 Rome considers Christians separate
from Jews mid- 60s
 Temple destroyed in 70 AD
 Paul’s conversion experience
 Saul the persecutor
 member of the Zealot Party
 mid 30s - Stephen
 Damascus Journey
 From Conversion to Calling
 36 to 47 AD
 immerses himself in the Gospel
 Immediately begins preaching in
 39 AD three years before he
meets with Peter and Apostles
 Attempt on his life in
Jerusalem – Sent to Tarsus
 In Antioch
 Works with Peter who is Bishop of
 Seems to work quietly – not much is
 Barnabas to work with Paul
 Paul given responsibility to take
famine collection to Jerusalem
 Paul makes and impression
 Preaching the gospel, followed by
 Establishing churches, followed by
 All the while, concerned about needy
Christians in other places
 Paul’s Missionary Work
 Rather easy first step – to Cyprus
 Called forth by the Holy Spirit
through the elders of the Church in
 Not bringing the Gospel to
someplace new
 Paul begins to take precedence
over Barnabas - Acts 13
 Returns around 49 – great success
 remains in Antioch for two years
Pattern to Paul's first two
missionary Journeys
 Preaching the gospel to the
Jews first, by going to their
 Preaching the gospel to the
Gentiles also, especially after
rejection by the Jews
 Third Journey dedicated to
Gentiles only –
 Divisions between Jews and
Christians becoming evident
throughout the empire
Paul’s Arrest in
Jerusalem 58 AD
Accused of bring Gentiles into
the Temple
 Divisions between Pharisees and Sadducees
 Question of resurrection or no resurrection
 Paul appeals to his Roman citizenship
 Much sadness among Christians as Paul is sent off to
 Paul imprisoned in Caesarea 50 – 60 AD
 Sent off to Rome 60 – 61
 Upon arriving in Rome – Paul’s asks to see the
Jewish leaders (Christian brothers)
 Paul under house arrest – was allowed some
freedom, continues to preach and write his
After 1st missionary journey (1)
On 2nd missionary journey (2)
1-2 Thess
On 3rd missionary journey (3) 1-2 Corinthians, Romans
During 1st Roman imprisonment (4)
Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon
Before/during 2nd imprisonment (3)
1-2 Timothy, Titus

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