ODU Summer Leadership Institute
June 19, 2014
John A. Caggiano, Ed.D.
Executive Director of School Leadership
Hampton City Schools
[email protected]
Using Formative Observation Tools to
Support the Teacher Evaluation Process
• Purpose of Teacher Evaluation
• Working Together to Improve Teaching and Learning
• Data Collection Tools
Purpose of Teacher Evaluation
The role of a teacher requires a performance evaluation
system that acknowledges the complexities of the job.
Teachers have a challenging task in meeting the
educational needs of an educationally diverse student
population, and good evaluation is necessary to provide
teachers with support, recognition, and guidance they need
to sustain and improve their efforts.
Tucker, P. D., Stronge, J. H., & Garies, C. R. (2002)
• Teacher Evaluation in Virginia
• Data Collection Tools
Data collection tools
Working together to improve teaching and learning
Working together to improve teaching and learning
“We don’t believe that teaching and learning will
improve unless principals and teachers work together
as a team. Principals have the responsibility of helping
teachers become more effective, and by that we mean
improving student learning. Increased teacher
effectiveness occurs through professional development
of teachers, which is embedded in the informal process
of supervision and the formal process of evaluation.”
DiPaola, M. F. & Hoy, W. K. (2012)
Roles change when conducting formative observations
• Administrator’s role changes from evaluator to
• Job in this process is not to form judgments but to
help teachers reflect on their practice and reveal areas
for their professional growth
• Teacher’s role changes from recipient to
• Job in this process is to analyze the data with the
administrator and to become a more reflective
practitioner…with the goal of improving instruction
Data collection tools available via
• Cognitive Levels of Questions and Wait Time
• Teacher/Student Behavior Observation
• Student Engagement Data Collection
• Student-Teacher Verbal Interactions
• Engagement Data Collection
• Effective Teacher Pedagogy
• High-Yield Teacher Behaviors
• Student Indicators of Engagement
Developed by DiPaola & Hoy
Developed by SURN
Data collection tools
Data collection tools
Data collection tools
Data collection tools
Data collection tools
• Various privilege sets for different levels of users
• Central Office staff can view all observations conducted as well
as conduct observations in any school
• Building administrators can access each other’s observations
• Teachers can conduct peer observations
• Intuitive database
• E-mail a copy of the observation form prior to leaving a
teacher’s classroom
• Works well with iPads, tablets, and smartphones
• Cost (annual license)
• $150 – per user
• $350 – up to six users per school/site
• $500 – up to 25 users per school/site
• Registration code for a free trial - 30daytrial
Data collection tools
Data collection tools

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