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BMA Academic Trainees' Conference
2 November 2013
Gurdeep Singh Mannu
Academic Clinical Fellow
Why should I get involved in the
 Meet like minded people
 Learn about local, regional and national issues
 Allow you to directly affect change and be proactive
Where can I get involved?
 Local Level
 Divisions,
 local medical committees,
 local negotiating committees
 Regional level
 Regional Councils
 Regional Consultants and specialists committees
 Regional Junior Doctor Committees
 Regional SAS Committees
 National Level
 UK and national Councils
 Annual Meeting Representation
 Academic representative to the Junior Members'
 Executive place on South Central Regional Council
 BMA Ambassador
 BMA Junior Doctor Representative to
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.
Junior Member’s Forum
 Learn more about the organisation
 Learn what the BMA can do to help its members
 Learn how members can influence BMA policies
 Develop motions which are subsequently debated and
 Meet with colleagues, peers and other like-minded
Regional Council
 Brings together all members across the region
 Discuss issues affecting the profession.
 Works on behalf of the BMA at regional level.
 Provides focus of regional BMA visibility and activity
 Helps to deliver BMA policy regionally.
Local Negotiating Committee
 The voice of junior doctors living and working at a
 Represent junior doctors at a trust
 Find out about local issues
Find out more?
 Attend BMA events
 Get involved in local representation
 Junior Members Forum 2014
Thank you.
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