Physical Activity Jeopardy

Physical Activity Jeopardy
Physical Activity
Final Jeopardy
A: Any form of movement
that requires energy
Q: What is physical activity?
Physical Activity $100
A: The ability to carry out
daily tasks easily and have
enough reserve energy to
respond to unexpected
Q: What is physical fitness?
Physical Activity $200
A: A way of life that
involves little physical
Q: What is a sedentary
Physical Activity $300
A: The process by which
your body gets energy
from food
Q: What is metabolism?
Physical Activity $400
A: The percentage of
American adults that are
Q: What is more than 50%?
Physical Activity $500
A: The ability of the heart,
lungs and blood vessels to
utilize and send fuel and
oxygen to the body during
long periods of activity
Q: What is cardiorespiratory
Fitness $100
A: Exercise that involves
short bursts of activity in
which the muscles work so
hard that they produce
energy without using
Q: What is anaerobic exercise?
Fitness $200
A: The five areas of
health related fitness
Q: What is cardiorespiratory
endurance, muscular endurance,
muscular strength, flexibility and
body composition?
Fitness $300
A: The ability of the
muscles to perform
physical tasks over a period
of time without becoming
Q: What is muscular
Fitness $400
A: The number you
subtract your age from to
find your maximum heart
Q: What is 220?
Fitness $500
A: The amount of time
teens should spend on
physical activity
Q: What is 60 minutes?
Activity Programs $100
A: An activity that
prepares the muscle to
return to a resting state
Q: What is a cool-down?
Activity Programs $200
A: How many days a
week you should do
aerobic activity
Q: 3 to 5 days a week?
Activity Programs $300
A: Particular exercises
and activities improve
particular areas of
health related fitness
Q: What is specificity?
Activity Programs $400
A: F.I.T.T. Formula
Q: What is frequency,
intensity, time and type?
Activity Programs $500
A: Taking in fluids so
that the body functions
Q: What is hydration?
Safety $100
A: A program of formalized
physical preparation for
involvement in a sport or
another physical activity
Q: What is a training program?
Safety $200
A: A search or check for
diseases or disorders that
an individual would
otherwise not have
knowledge of
Q: What is a health screening?
Safety $300
A: Synthetic substances
that are similar to the
male hormone
Q: What are anabolic steroids?
Safety $400
A: Three ways to reduce
risk of physical activity
Q: What are proper nutrition and
hydration, adequate rest, avoid
harmful substances, health
screening, proper equipment?
Safety $500
A: Any break in a bone
Q: What is a fracture?
Activity Injuries $100
A: To protect yourself
from sunburn you should
wear sunscreen with at
least this SPF
Q: What is SPF 15?
Activity Injuries $200
A: The percent of body
heat lost through the
Q: What is 70%?
Activity Injuries $300
A: A condition in which the
body loses the ability to rid
itself of excessive body
heat through perspiration
Q: What is heatstroke?
Activity Injuries $400
A: An injury to the
ligament surrounding a
Q: What is a sprain?
Activity Injuries $500
A: Target heart rate
zone for someone who is
34 with a resting heart
rate of 78
Q: What 143 – 170?
Final Jeopardy

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