Erosion and Weathering in Dubai

Weathering and Erosion
in Dubai
Erosion at Dubai
The Problem (for Umm Suqeim 1)
Umm Suqeim1 Erosion (my main topic)
How it is effected (for main topic)
Description For Solutions
The Best Solution (for Umm Suqeim 1)
Sandbag Solution (for main topic)
The Process (for main topic)
In the end look (for main topic)
at Dubai
• According to data collected, it is said that
every two years, 50 meters of the coast is
being eaten by the ocean. I am specifically
talking about Umm Suqeim 1.
• They are investing on protecting homes,
places like:
- Umm Suqeim 1
- Jumeirah Beach
- Jumeirah Harbour
- Mina Siyahi Harbour and more
• In Umm Suqeim 1, there are hotels, restaurants and
most importantly, houses at the beach front. This
places could be damaged and gone if no one takes
action against beach erosion.
• That is why Jumeirah Coastal Zone Management
Plan (It also describes measures to protect other
places like Jumeirah Beach or Mina Siyahi Harbour)
comes and meets the requirements like fast
population growth, increasing tourism and the
extending urban development along the coast.
Main topic
Umm Suqeim 1 Erosion
How it is effected
Extensions to the groynes
Offshore breakwaters
Offshore islands
Extensions of an up drift spur
Extensions to the breakwaters
Description For Solutions
• Groynes are built basically to prevent longshore drift. A
groyne is like a barrier to stop the sediment being
carried away by water. It holds the sand together.
• Breakwaters are similar to near shore islands or groynes
which are designed to reduce the wave energy. There
are different types of breakwaters, headland, detached
or a single break water.
The best solution
• I think the groynes(sandbags relating to Umm Suqeim1
problem) is a good solution because it is quick and
simple. Well, maybe it is not that simple but it is
definitely less expensive then making offshore islands
or an extension on a spur.
• It is also quick and could be easily redone or extended
if the sandbags gets damaged, I am not saying it is not
expensive and that it takes 3 minutes to make the
required amount of sandbags. No, you could be sure it
costs quite a lot to bring the sand over (even though we
are in the desert) and they are not only putting 5
sandbags on the beach are they? I am sure there is a
huge amount of sandbags required to protect the coast
in Dubai being eroded.
Filling sandbags with two to five tons of sand
They dig a shallow base before placing the sandbags on the shore, forming a soft groyne
The sandbags are positioned 100 meters away from the shore, forming protective
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