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Tim Joyce
President and CEO
Roundstone Solutions
[email protected]
• Founded 2012 by industry veterans
• Knowledgeable about technology and future
• Past success in similar businesses
• Direct approach to clients…we don’t waste time
• Focused on client business needs and client
• Based in, and focused on, Northern CA clients
• Partner of Nexsan since 2012
Technical Focus
• We focus on the data center; storage, networking,
servers, and all that entails
• Particular focus on “enabling technologies”
• Flash storage, hybrid storage, backup, archival,
network fabrics, migration to 10G/40G, etc.
• Mobility and security
How to Engage
• We will follow up with you after this webinar to
arrange a time to meet with you and Nexsan
• We’ll want to learn about your business needs
• After that, we’ll talk technology solutions
• You’ll be pleased with our professionalism,
competitiveness, and follow through
Nexsan Assureon
Archival Storage with Integrity
Imation’s Nexsan Assureon Data Archiving System Webinar
Charles Burger
Director of Assureon Channel Sales
March 11th , 2014
Backup vs. Archive
Copies Data
Moves Data
Supports Recovery
Supports Business Compliance
Short Term In Nature
Long Term In Nature
Typically Overwritten
Typically Secured, Not Overwritten
Not Easily Searched
Easily Searched for Discovery
Opportunity for Data Loss
Snap Shot Dependent
Ingest Data Real time
Increasing Backup Windows?
Backup window is reduced
De Duplicate?
Native File Dedupe (no extra gear)
Silent Data Corruption
Designed to protect against
No Audit
Access Audit History
Silent Data Corruption
 CERN tested 3000 servers attached
to RAID subsystems
 In 3 weeks they found 500 instances
of corrupted files in 17% of the
 The equivalent of 1 in every 1,500
files had become corrupt….
What's the answer?
 Multiple copies!
Snapshots, replication, VTL
 All these just replicate the problem!
 They do nothing to monitor or repair
data corruption
“I hope my data is good”
Are your customers running on HOPE?
Four Questions to ask to Every Data Center Manager
How do you know if all your files are in the “backup” or
How do you know if a second copy is at your remote site?
How do you know if any of the copies are valid (integrity)?
If they are different which one is correct?
 Not knowing the answers to these questions may be
acceptable for some of your data but not all
If it is not acceptable then you have high value data
 You cannot leave your High Value Data to hope
This will get you fired – even if you choose one of the “Big Guys”
 Hope should not be your Data retention strategy for High Value data
Answers the questions for High Value Data
Move from Hope to Knowledge on data availability and integrity
Assureon Replication
Provides Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
Primary Site
Remote Site
 System automatically keeps at
least two copies of all files
 Active–Active replication
 Ingest files from both sites with
two-way replication
 Automatic failover
 Data Privacy
 Data between sites is
Serialization Audit
Serialization Audit – What does it do?
 Files entering the Assureon Archive are given a unique serial number
 Every 90 days every file is checked to make sure it is in the archive
Performed at both the primary site and the secondary site
 Keeps tracks of all files to make sure nothing is missing
 Reports any missing data
 Provides an audit of file availability
Serialization Audit – Why is it important?
 Ensures all files are present in the Assureon
 Guarantees file availability
Serialization Audit – Ensures Data Availability
Answers the question – Are all my files there?
File Integrity Audit
File Integrity Audit– What does it do?
Original File Ingestion
 A unique “fingerprint” of representing the content of each file
is generated upon ingestion
 Every 90 days the integrity of every file is audited against the
original “fingerprint”
 Keeps tracks of data to make sure the file has not changed
Due to silent data corruption, disk error, virus, tampering or
replication error
 Reports and fixes any data corruption
 Provides an audit of file integrity
On-going File
Integrity Audit
Why is it important?
 Guarantees file level integrity within the archive
 Guarantees that a file has not been changed (authenticity)
 Self healing is corruption is found
File Integrity Audit – Ensures Data Integrity
Answers the question – Are all my files still good?
File Integrity Audit
recreates fingerprint
Storage Optimization
Customer Example:
90% of Tier 1 Capacity at Prime/DR site
Very tight backup window
The “solution” Buy another 100Tb of Disk X 2 Sites
Buy more Tape Drives, Media, Software, Prof Services
Total Cost Budgeted $1.2M
 Another direction:
 Integrate Assureon and shortcut anything without access >90 Days
 Result: Used capacity reduced to <5Tb
Disk upgrade cancelled
Tape upgrade cancelled
Backup of Dbase and servers now on 5 LTO Tapes
Total spent $300K
• This was done real-time while the customer was online, serving data, no change to end
users, applications or downtime. Installation period (2) Days.
Allocation and Utilization Efficiency Recap
•Data that’s had 90-days or more of inactivity
•Data that’s had 30-days or more of inactivity
•Data That’s active (actually being
accessed 10-12% of Total Capacity)
Save by Optimizing Tier-1 Capacity, Backup
SnapShot licenses
Backup Licenses
Tape Library
De Duplication Devices
Encryption Device
Key Management
Reduce total tier -1 and 90% of Backup dependency
Target Markets for Archiving – High Value Data
High Value Data is data that is difficult or impossible to replace
 Healthcare
 Digital Media
Call Centers
 911
 Customer Service
Video Surveillance
 Federal, State, & Local
Crime Labs
 Flight Tracking
 Government records
 Healthcare
PACS Archiving
PACS Image Cache
 Digital Media
Pictures and video
Voice Recordings
 Federal, State, & Local
Evidence Chain of Custody
Electronic records
 Corporate
Offload expensive primary storage
Minimize backup burden and expenses
 Corporate
Storage Optimization
Data Protection
85% of Assureon Capacity
sold addressesTier-1
Optimization for all markets
Customer Example –
 The Customer
Global Lending Company with Strict Financial Regulations and
Privacy concerns
 The Challenge
How to proved Accessed Data and proper handling of Documents
How to Reduce their Tier-1 Disk as backup and storage costs
were exploding
 Why We Won – Storage Optimization
Nexsan’s Assureon proved itself against the top global Storage
manufacturers because of ease of installation, cost and ability to
shortcut unused files on expensive EMC tier 1 disk
 The Solution
The Nexsan Assureon Secure Archive
 The Results
After a Proof of Concept and excellent work with Xdata (Var)
Client found that the Assureon would save $250,000 in 3 years
over a competitive model from EMC.
“The entire engagement between pre-sales and sale were all very rewarding and quite easy. I
thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you on this—Charles, Kent, James, etc. You all performed the
exact sort of role I envisioned from a quality supplier of technology and VAR. There really isn’t
anything else I would have asked to be different!
Ian Morgan, Information Technology Manager
Customer Example #2
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
 The Customer
State Crime Lab and investigative unit hosting data for all Cases through out
the state of Georgia
 The Challenge
How to guarantee authenticity and Integrity as digital evidence is now
scrutinized more than ever
JusticeTrax LIMS Software and Assureon
 Why We Won – Integrity against data corruption
When their TIER-1 Provider suffered data corruption on Disk that was being
managed, backed up and hosted by the World’s largest IT Department, it was
the Assureon that saved 6 Months of Case data encompassing Drug, Traffic
Enforcement, Murder, Domestic Abuse, etc.
 The Solution
The Nexsan Assureon Secure Archive
 The Results
When 6 months of Data were corrupted, it potentially opened up every case for
review of evidence. Assureon’s Protection not only saved the case data, but
the Job’s of the IT Director and the Chief Information Officer
“Did you hear about how GBI lost 6 months of Case data and Murderers were set
free? You won’t, and it’s because of Assureon that I can say that here today.”
Kirk Canty, Crime Lab Information Systems Manager-GBI
Customer Example #3
Stream Global
 The Customer
Global outsourced call center for customer service, support, sales
for companies needing multi-language trusted partner
 The Challenge
How to guarantee authenticity and Integrity as clients are
entrusted with everything from Credit Card Data to valuable
customer relationships
 EMC Centera was installed but due to performance issues,
Stream had to buy tier-1 disk as a cache for data “waiting” to be
ingested. Auditor’s found that this data which contained Credit
Card and Personal information did NOT meet Strict PCI
 NICE Call Recording Software, Assureon and 3RP
 Why We Won - Integrity
Assureon’s real-time integration with NICE was done in less than
1 hr. SNAPLock integration made retention easily defined by the
application without custom API.
 The Solution
The Nexsan Assureon Secure Archive-now ½ PetaByte
 The Results
Stream has been able to dynamically address changing customer
needs and meet all regulatory compliance as well as SLA’s with
their end users. At a fraction of the cost of their EMC Support.
(For the entire solution!)
Customer Example #4
 The Customer
RedLight Traffic camera service for Canada, US (select
Cities) and international clients
 The Challenge
How to prove authenticity of RedLight Traffic Camera Tickets
with chain of custody
EMC Centera was installed but due to lack of 3rd Party time
stamp, was having tickets thrown out and revenue lost.
RedFlex, Assureon and 3RP
 Why We Won – Integrity - Audit
Assureon’s unalterable access audit history as well as remote
data centers that prevent clock tampering were instrumental
in proof of Authenticity of each photo and ticket issued.
 The Solution
The Nexsan Assureon Secure Archive replicated with High
Speed Infiniband Option
 The Results
RedFlex immediately stopped tickets being thrown out by lack
of this important feature. Regained trust in their solution by
end users who contracted them. Have removed ALL EMC
gear and replaced with Assureon and E Series.
Customer Example
 Meriter Healthcare
The customer: Healthcare provider in Wisconsin that specializes
in every aspect of patient care with remote offices and central
hospital locations.
The Challenge: 3 PACS storage systems of 18TB of data that
needs to be protected per HiPAA guidelines.
• They were running Tier-1 disk of EMC, IBM and Dell
• Need of a secure archive that would work with all vendors.
• Had recently found 60,000 corrupt files (TSM)
Why we won: Integrity, Flexibility and optimization
• Assureon was able to ingest their PACS data from different
systems with internal cloud.
• Instead of 28TB, purchased 112TB of Assureon
• Reduced dependency on Tier-1 vendors to what was “current”
Reduced Tier-1 footprint by 85%
• Eliminated Backup of all Data Assureon was protecting.
• Have not suffered any Integrity issues since deployed
• CDW/Nexsan Assureon Team

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