Cayuga Milk Ingredients: Using Advanced Technology to Produce

Cayuga Milk Ingredients
Using Advanced Technology to Produce
High Quality Milk Ingredients for the
Our Beginnings
• Cayuga Marketing was the catalyst
behind Cayuga Milk Ingredients
• 8 original members.
• 29 Members today
• Mid 1980’s: Started marketing milk and
purchasing farm supplies together
• Partnered with Dairylea to create Eagle
Supply Company
• 2007- purchased 50% of CIDEC
• Mix contract with CNY Feeds with FullTime Nutritionist
• OSHA/ Milk Quality/ Animal Welfare
• 30 year history of working together
Cayuga Members are
located in the Heart of
Central New York
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• 36,000+ cows
• 55,000+ acres of fertile
• 960+ million pounds of
annual milk production
• Representing .6% of the
farmers in NY and 8.5%
of the milk production
Cayuga Milk Ingredients
Limited Liability Company
Board of 7 elected to 3 year terms
Spin-out from Cayuga Marketing
21 of the Cayuga Marketing
• Looking for a LT solution ever
increasing hauling costs, which have
increased 230% since 2000
• Looking to add value to a high
quality milk supply
– 175,000 SCC, 3500 SPC, .89
CFU/ml MSC, & .52 CFU/ml TSC
What Path to Follow?
Fluid Milk
Specialty Cheese
Commodity Cheese
Casein and Caseinates
SMP and/or WMP
Powder Blends
Global Change in Wealth is Driving
World Protein Demand
Product Portfolio
Production of dry ingredients began
in the September 2014
Locally produced, high-quality and specialized dairy ingredients for use by the
global food and nutrition industry
Liquid cream, whole, skim, and condensed milks (RO & evaporated)
Milk Protein concentrates and Milk protein isolates (liquid & powder)
Non-fat dry milk and Skim milk powder (standard and infant quality)
Whole milk powder
Powder blends
Our Strategy:
– Goal: To process a majority of Cayuga’s milk production into a range of high
quality dairy ingredients for use by the global food and nutrition industries
Initial Product Mix
1. Liquid cream, skim, and condensed milk
2. Milk protein concentrates and milk protein isolates (Liquid and Dry)
3. NDM, standard, and Infant quality skim milk powder
4. Whole milk powder (gas flush capable)
5. Powder blends
Raw Milk Receiving
Wet Processing Areas

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