Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is the future maintenance practice
for equipment that is here today.
CBM is a strategy aimed at extending machine life, increasing
productivity, and taking machine health to the next level for the
lifetime of the equipment
Unlike preventative maintenance, which is based on servicing a
machine at scheduled intervals, CBM is based on specific equipment
conditions including operating environment and application.
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Early detection of
mechanical fatigue and
Vibration Analysis
issues that can be
found – EARLY!
Sample Platforms
Vibration Analysis will
find defects …
Avoiding disassembly and
averting unplanned
A widely used tool in all facets of industry to measure anywhere a fault can be
predicted by a temperature differential.
Non-destructive tool in the analysis and evaluation of electrical distribution
Reference point of equipment temperature under normal operating conditions.
What can Thermography find?
What you see
What thermography sees
Overheating electrical connection indicates a serious fire hazard.
Indication of bearing overheating, will eventually cause failure
Can you afford not to have a
Thermography Survey?
Fire damaged electrical system
Cruise Ship Fire Damage
Oil Analysis is a non-destructive test used to assess the condition of lubricants and
determine the type and amount of contamination present.
Criticality of lubrication to most industrial equipment, oil analysis trending over time is
one of the most powerful predictive tools for identifying potential failures.
3 basic categories of elements affecting the lubrication effectiveness: wear metals,
contaminants, and additives.
 Improve oil sampling methods with emerging
 Improve machine condition and reliability
with oil analysis
 Increase the remaining useful life of your
 Reduce maintenance costs associated with
unplanned downtime
Early detection with oil analysis can allow
for corrective action such as repairing an
air intake leak before major damage
One of the major advantages of an oil analysis
program is being able to anticipate problems and
schedule repair work to avoid downtime during a
critical time of use.

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