Reasons to use EasyCBM
All teachers who have students under RTI are required to do Progress Monitoring
Easy CBM will track the progress monitoring for you.
Those of you that have referred or plan on referring students to RTI , you are
required to provide interventions, this is a free program that will allow you to
assess and progress monitor all your students.
This progress monitoring system provides assessments for students in grade K5 in the areas of Reading and Math. This program allows you to print out
progress/monitoring reports that are required to document progress monitoring.
Depending on the grade level, you have the option of downloading the
assessments and then recording the scores into the program or the students
can take the assessment on-line and get instant feedback.
The result is an Individual Student Report. These reports are formatted for easy
printing so you can use to document interventions. Interventions can be entered
that show up directly on the graphs, which is helpful when implementing a
Response to Intervention (RTI) model.
Go to the website:
The familarize you with
EasyCBM, a Demo site is
available for you to practice
before actually working with your
live site. Just click the button
below to login as a demo user
and interact on an account with
pre-filled data. You're free to add
and delete students, create and
assign CBMs, check out the data
entry pages, view the reporting
section, or anything else you'd
like to do in this fully functional
and unrestricted environment. A
fresh demo account is created
each time someone visits and
wiped clean nightly.
In the Demo site, there is a Training section ( 4 sections
for Groups and 4 section for Individuals) where you can
learn more on administrating the assessment probes.
To register for 1st time –
If you are already registered:
Login in the “Teachers” section - Enter
your Username and Password.
If you forgot – Click here
If registering for the 1st time, fill out all required information and click on “REGISTER
A Confirmation will be sent to your e-mail.
Record your Username (make your username the same as your e-mail)
A Password will be generate by EasyCBM and e-mailed to you
When you get the Password in your e-mail. Use it to enter your site
and go to Account. There you can then change their password for
your own (use the same password as for your e-mail to make it easier
to remember)
Once you are in the Account section,
change your password by typing in the
old password and then typing in your
new password.
You are now ready to enroll your RTI students into EasyCBM
Your homepage will look like this.
Step 1: Select the “STUDENTS” tab
or click on STUDENTS
Step 2:
Here is where you can add a group (such as
an RTI group or you can just leave it blank). If you want
to create a group, just click on “ADD GROUP” and type
in the group name.
An example is if you have two groups in you class such
as Group RTI 1 and Group RTI 2. You can create these 2
groups and have different students in those groups.
Step 3: This is where you add your students
that you are in RTI and require Progress
Step 4: To add a student, click on “ADD
STUDENT” and a pop-up box will appear.
Step 5: Type in the student’s ID#, First and Last name, and
grade. Click on “OK” to enroll student. Repeat Step 5
for each additional student.
If you added a group, checking the box in front of the
student’s name will add him/her to the group.
You can also uploading your Class Roster
This feature currently only supports Excel files saved in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, and organized as shown
If you already have an Excel file of your class list, open it. Otherwise, create a new spreadsheet in Excel and copy/paste your
roster from its current format. Organize the columns in the exact order shown here:
Choose "Save As..." from the File menu, give the file a name, and select "CSV (Comma Delimited)" as the file Format. Then
save the file to a location you'll remember.
Next, browse for the .csv file you just saved:
And finally, click the following button: PREVIEW ROSTER
Verify that the following class list is correct. If anything is wrong, go back to the previous step and try again.
If the list is correct click the follow button: IMPORT CLASS LIST
Your roster will now appear on the STUDENTS list.
You have finished enrolling your selected students into
Next step is Measures
Step 1: Select the student’s grade level
In the Measures
page you can see
the areas that the
student can be
assessed in.
Depending on the student’s
grade level, some assessments
can be taken on-line while others
the teacher has to download the
assessment, assess the student,
and then enter the scores
manually so that the EasyCBM
program can track the progress.
When finished – select the REPORTS tab
You can assign assessments to be taken on-line for your enrolled students.
Select which test to take and click on “Take Online”.
If you have groups, select which group.
Select type of feedback you want the student to see.
shown here
is for online
In Math.
In the REPORTS page you can see the Progress Monitoring
report for the enrolled student(s).
Step 1: Select the beginning date and then
Step 2: Select the ending date.
progress monitoring reports
will be on individuals not
Step 1: Select “INDIVIDUALS” .
Don’t forget to click on save when finished selecting
The last step: Select one student at a time whose
Progress Monitoring report you want to see or print.
Repeat until you have printed all students you want a Progress
Monitoring report on.
This the Progress Monitoring report that
can be generated with EasyCBM.
The example shown is a PM report on Word
Reading Fluency showing 9 dates where
Word Reading Fluency assessments were
given every 2 weeks.
The progress is plotted on the line graph
showing the assessment dates, scores, goal
line and the percentile lines.
You can view each assessment that
was given by clicking on “View”.
This report can be printed
out and included in the RTI

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