Social Impact of the Royal Wedding

Social Impact of the Royal Wedding
Merna & Sara K
• When Princess Diana was married over 30 years ago, we
could connect with the television coverage and the watercooler conversations the next morning. Through this
technology, we can experience it and share our thoughts
with people in London or our friends in California. The
time difference and location are no longer a factor in our
connections. Social Networking has allowed events like
this to become a shared experience with a real time
conversation about it.
With New Technology..
• Twitter is a buzz with royal wedding fever and currently 9
out of the 10 trending tweets worldwide are about this
affair. We have everything from the location, to the
designer of the dress, the resemblance to Grace Kelly’s
dress, and even the fact that they kissed is in the top
Twitter: Came up with #RoyalMess and #RoyalSuccess to
indicate a tweeter's opinion of "every guest and every dress.
(Over 3 million tweets)
-graphic will scroll across the bottom of the screen on ABC's
TV broadcast of the wedding, displaying in real time the total
number of tweets and a tweets-per-minute count from around
the globe relating to the ceremony
Youtube: Streamed the wedding live
Facebook: Statuses to discuss the royal wedding in the past 24
hours, and during the wedding itself, 684,399 status
updates referencing the wedding were posted in just four hours
in the U.K.,
Social Sites
to Japan
and Egypt
Wedding Hurts Economy
TV Channels that aired
the Royal Wedding

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