CAC Support During Open Enrollment

Certified Application Counselor
Support during Open Enrollment
November 21, 2014
CAC Support During Open Enrollment
• To understand how to communicate a question or
problem to Access Health CT to the appropriate
area to resolve it as quickly as possible
• Identify the CAC phone number, IRD form and
mailbox to use for problem applications and
Certified Application Counselor
• The Education & Training Unit no longer
accepts calls from consumers.
• CAC’s must contact Access Health CT on
behalf of their clients with their question or
• If one of your clients insists on contacting us
directly, they need to call the Call Center who
will answer consumer inquiries directly
CAC Contact Number
• If a certified application counselor has a problem that they are
unsure of and they are looking for a quick answer that may not
need the completion of an IRD form, then they may call 860757-5334.
• For password resets or failed ID proofing please call the Call
Center at 1-855-805-4325
• The CAC phone number will be supported by multiple trainers
daily. If the question requires an IRD form we will advise you as
to how to complete one.
Call Center (Maximus)
• If a CAC needs to contact the Call Center please introduce yourself
to the rep at the beginning of the call with your first name and ask
the call center rep what their first name is. Then look at the time
and notate this. Then if you have a challenge with that Call Center
rep, contact us and we will be able to track through audio records
the rep you spoke to
• If a Call Center rep refuses to talk to a CAC on behalf of their client,
please let us know
• Call center reps can complete applications from beginning to end.
They can also assist a consumer/CAC who gets an “identity” error
and can pick up the application and complete it
• The Call Center handles password resets.
IRD Issues
• If a CAC has a problem/challenge they need resolved they
need to send an email with a completed IRD form to
[email protected]
• The IRD form has not changed. Include as much information
as you can about the challenge (preferably in bullet format)
and we will resolve as quickly as possible.
• If you receive a system error when completing an application,
please take a screen print displaying the URL and complete
an IRD form so it will be easier to research.
• Please refer to the Changes/Appeals Chart (Word document)
Issue Resolution Department Form
Urgent Medicals
• Continue to complete IRD forms on urgent Medical
cases and send to [email protected]
• Urgent medical means the member needs medical
treatment such as an in-patient hospitalization,
medication or surgery and must have their problem
resolved immediately

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