The Cay by Theodore Taylor Test Review

The Cay
by Theodore Taylor
Test Review
1. What was Mr. Enright’s job?
2. How did Phillip feel when Timothy left him alone on
the cay while he fished?
3. What war did The Cay take place during?
4. Why did Phillip treat Timothy unfairly in the
5. How did Phillip lose his sight?
6. Why was rescue unlikely from the little cay?
What is a jumbi?
8. What originally made Timothy lose his strength?
9. Describe Timothy’s childhood.
10. What did the sky look like and what did the sea
sound like right before the hurricane?
11. What point of view is The Cay told from?
12. State two themes for The Cay.
13. What was the last event that occurred in the
14. Was life the same for Phillip after returning to

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