Summary of the Story THE CAY

 After Germans attack his peaceful Dutch island, 11 year
old Philip and his mother flee in a ship bound for
Virginia, only to be torpedoed by an enemy u-boat. In
the mayhem they become separated, and Philip finds
himself in a raft with an old black man named
Timothy. Together the two battle the elements and are
eventually swept ashore to an un-charted cay.
 Place
 “ I was asleep on the second floor of our narrow, gables green
house in Willemstad, on the island of Curacao, the largest Dutch
island just off the coast of Venezuela.” (p 9)
 Go to the The Cay setting page on Haiku. Watch the Curacao
tourism video.
 Briefly describe the island as you saw it.
 _______________________________________________________
 Time
 “Theodore Taylor's The Cay is set during World War II. It's 1942 and Hitler has
invaded Holland and defeated France. The Japanese have attacked Pearl
Harbor, and America has officially entered the fray. As the novel opens in
February 1942, a significant part of the world's military forces are mired in war.”
 What was World War
 What was a German Uboat?_______________________________________________________________
 What resource made the Caribbean, including Curacao, a target of German Uboats?______________________________________________________________
predictionWhat we
think it
 How you would define
 the bow of a ship
 the starboard side
 the port
 the
 In The Cay, Timothy is a West Indian who speaks a dialect with a
strong accent. Timothy’s dialect can be difficult to understand.
 Dialect: di·a·lect (noun)
 1: a regional variety of a language differing from the standard
 2: a variety of a language used by the members of a particular
group or class
 **Directions: Stop and return to the Gooru collection. View step
14 to hear an example of Timothy’s dialect. After viewing the
video, review and complete the task.
 In your opinion, which one of following social influences is
the most responsible for how young people develop their
ideas about people who are different from themselves? In
other words, which of the following has the biggest
influence on the thoughts and opinions you have of other
people? Support your answer with evidence, including
personal examples. Be sure that your paragraph response
contains a claim, evidence, and commentary.
 Social Influences: media, family values, personal
experience, peer pressure, social norms, current
events, ignorance.
 _______________________________________________

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