Evaluation Committee
NOVEMBER 1, 2013
Fellow Class of 2014 Evaluation
Committee & Important Dates
•Paul Chu
•Jeff Fessler
•Erick Heijne
•Dick Kouzes
•Jean Luc Leray
•Ned Sautohoff
•Stan Schriber
•Jim Schwank
• Notification of Fellow Class of 2014
will occur after the November IEEE BoD meeting
• Nomination for Fellow Class of 2015 due 1 March
• Nominees need to be Senior Members
- its not too late
Current Status
• 12
• Breakout: RE (1) PPST (2) PSAC (4) MI (2) RI(2) FT(1)
• Our trend since at least 2009 is heavily slanted toward PSAC
nominees – In past years, over ½ were from PSAC
•Implications: (1) We may add another evaluator to the FEC
And (2) We need more nominees!
• A nominee pool of at least 18 to 20 is desirable
Please recruit Fellow nominees for the class of 2015!
Website Upgrades
• Will work with Web Redesign Team – including Dick Kouzes
•There is a desire to have a list of NPSS Fellows on our website – unfortunately this is
easier said than done.
• I have a list of NPSS Fellows that I printed from the FEC Website
• It may not be complete since that list excludes Inactive IEEE members and Fellows who
are ineligible to serve on the Fellow Evaluation Committee (FEC) - such as members of
the IEEE BoD or NPSS members serving on other societies FECs). That said, I believe it
is the best starting point we have.
• Last year I received notifications that some IEEE Fellows were not on the list. I may
request some spot checks from AdCom members. Any better ideas?

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