NCNC ANMA NASeA 2012 convention

Nepal Center of North Carolina
ANMA/NASeA Joint Convention 2012
 Background
 Objective
 Projects
 Local Activities
 Collaboration
 Established in 1999
 Non-profit, non political, not religious, 501 (C)3
Executive Committee (2 years term)
Advisory Board
Past Presidential Board
DifferentWings: sports, cultural, school, women, bylaws, publication,
finance, youth
Organization Structure
 Executive Committee: Nine members:
 President: Shailendra Devkota
 VPS: Manoj Pradhan and Udhav Karki
 Executive Secretary: Shishir Khanal
 Treasurer: Bharat Shrestha
 BoD: Rabindra Karki, Madhab Bhattarai, Chiranjibi Bhattarai,
Deepa Dawadi
 Members: 180 (life members), 24 (5 yrs), 50 (annual)
Advisory Board and Past President
 Advisors: Dr. Narayan Rajbhandari, Dr. Harihar Bhattarai,
Dr. Sanjay Shah and Sanjeev Sapkota
Past Presidents:
Ishwor Devkota (1999-2001, 2004-2007)
Annapurna Deo (2002-2003)
Nagendra Neupane (2008-2009)
Arun Dhital (2010-2011)
 Protect Nepali culture, language and identity
 Blend and foster friendship with local community
 Extend helping hand to needy any where, any way possible
 Provide networking opportunities for NCNC members and others
• Master Goal: To buy land to build Nepali cultural
 Nepali School
 Census
 Membership Benefit
 Bylaws change
 Online Radio
 Monthly Movie show
 Adopt a Highway
 Dilshova Fund Raise
 Publication (SANGALO)
Local Activities
 Sports
 Saraswoti poja, new year,
 Cultural event
 Blood drive
 Academic activities (Nepali
school, poster, essay,
drawing etc.)
 Youth summer camping,
leadership development
 Run for fun
 Summer picnic
dashain, teej, tihaar
Contact office
Satsang Program
Host Nepali musical and
comedian talents
International festival
Spring Daze, lazy Daze
Health fair
Poetry Festival
General Convention
 Working with ILNS, NSA, local city, NASeA/ANMA
 How does collaboration help?
 Can play lead role on coordinating various projects between local
 Can help coordination with fund raise in the event of calamities in
Nepali community
 Can provide other help and logistic on locally organized program
 Someone from leadership tem can visit our local chapter and
encourage our community members for volunteering and community
 Build a repository (database) of information, as well as other material
that can be shared.

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