Social Media

Social Media in the
R tary World
Using it wisely
General Topics
What is Social Media (working definition for the beginners)
Social Media’s Reach
Main Platforms
What’s The Optimum One For You
Best Way to Implement the Chosen One
Branding: District/Club vs. Personal (DG/Club Officer)
Theory vs. Reality
Summary (got to have one of those – but it is short)
What Is Social Media?
Use of web-based technologies allowing the creation and
exchange of user-generated content. Blending of technology
and social.
Social Networking, Microblogging, and Blogging Sites
Social Media Impact
 Linked In: 100m+ users worldwide
 Facebook: 800m+ users worldwide
 Twitter: 200m+ users worldwide
Social Media can quickly and positively or
adversely affect District/Club reputation
Why Social Networking
• Keeping in
touch with
• Developing
• Photos
• Links
• Interests
• Events –
past, present
and future
• Service
• Fundraisers
• New
Choosing Social Media
A multitude
of tools to
pick from
But, How Much Is Too Much?
So What Really Works Best?
 We recommend Facebook for Clubs and Districts
 Why?
 Already in wide use
 Good chance your members already have an account
 Interfaces well with other media platforms
 Easy to use (post), even for the neophytes (KISS)
 More versatile for general users
Getting Started / Implementation
 A new (successful) Facebook page is like a new puppy
 What?
 Choose your lead setup person (Com Officer) and
minimum of three administrators
 Make it a “Fan” page as opposed to a “Group” page
 Use Club BoD/District AGs to help to the word out
 Import contacts from Outlook, AIM buddy list and/or
Windows Live contacts among others
Easy Best Practices
 Official Postings – absolute minimum once a week/max
twice a day (exceptions of course)
 Rotary related graphic for the page “icon picture”
 Photos, photos, and more photos
 Preferably photos of members in action
 If possible, scale photos to 200 x 283 pixels
 Encourage committee/event chairs to make relative posts
 Link to Club/District videos on YouTube
 No benefit to getting stale fish to market on time
Branding (Your Page’s Image)
 What do you want to convey?
 President’s/Governor’s page?
 Club/District page?
 Professional organization?
 Fun group?
 Service oriented?
 Networking opportunities?
 Community minded?
Theory vs. Reality
 Theory: We are going to have a Facebook page, all is well
 Reality: Need someone to spearhead it, not always easy
 Theory: We will put up new stuff every day
 Reality: Sometimes you will hit a wall, but that is okay
 Theory: The whole world will read our page
 Reality: Perhaps in time, it takes perseverance to built it
 Theory: You will enjoy the experience and your
Club/District will benefit
 Reality: Very, very true if you work at it
Social networking truly is the new way of the world. With
print on the decline and the number of bookmarking,
sharing and social sites increasing every day, this is
one medium that is demanding attention – and it’s
either get in or be left in the dust.
When used correctly and effectively, media sites have
the power to deliver news to more Rotarians and
potential Rotarians than you ever dreamed possible.
However, it is quality over quantity, so do not settle
for anything less.

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