2014 NMFWA Member Meeting - National Military Fish & Wildlife

NMFWA 2014 Member Meeting
Thank You for Your Support!
2013-14 Board of Directors
President David McNaughton
Immediate Past President Kirsten Christopherson
President-Elect Todd Wills
Vice President Coralie Cobb
Treasurer Jacque Rice
Secretary Nicole Olmsted
Directors At-Large David Beckmann and Laura Muhs
Regional Directors East - Joe Hovis and Greg Fleming
Central - Eric Britzke and Michele Richards
West - John Haddix and Elizabeth Neipert
Newsletter Editor Laura Busch
2014-15 Board of Directors
President Todd Wills
Immediate Past President David McNaughton
President-Elect Coralie Cobb
Vice President Elizabeth Neipert
Treasurer Lauren Wilson
Secretary Nicole Olmsted
Directors At-Large Laura Muhs and Seth Berry
Regional Directors East - Greg Fleming and Jim Swift
Central - Michele Richards and Rick Lance
West - John Haddix and Jason Gibbons
Newsletter Editor Laura Busch
2013-2014 Committees and Chairs
Archives - Tom Warren
Electronic Archives – Rich Fischer
Audit - (Vacant)
Awards - Jackie Smith
Government Affairs - Junior Kerns
Membership - Dan Savercool
Nominations - Kirsten Christopherson
Outreach - Steve Niethamer
WMI Coordination - David McNaughton
Certification - Chris Eberly
2013 Program - Coralie Cobb
2013-2014 Working Group Chairs
BASH – Michael Wright and Lucas Oligschlaeger
Law Enforcement – Christopher Zimmerman
Bats – Trish Cutler and Rick Lance
Invasives – Peter Egan and Meegan Wallace
Fish and Wildlife Recreation – John Haddix and
Alan Schultz
Herps – Steve Najjar and Jay Rubinoff
Climate Change – Tim Hayden and ?
Pollinators – Jack Markham and Nicole Olmsted
Working Group Coordination – Elizabeth Neipert
2013-2014 Board Motions
• Electronic Meeting convened 6 April 2013
• Accept Guidelines for NMFWA Hall of Fame – PASSED 8-0
• Proclaim National Pollinator Week and Join the SHARE Partnership
– PASSED 10-0
• Sponsoring the 2013 TWS Conference and Military Lands Working
Group up to $1500 – PASSED 8-0
• Hold the 2014 Annual Meeting Online/Cancel Official Activities in
Denver – FAILED 6-7
• Motion to Approve Lifetime Achievement Award for Diane Drigot –
• Motion to Approve the 2013-2014 BOD Nominations – PASSED 9-0
• Motion to Approve the 2012-2014 NMFWA Award Committee
Nominations – PASSED 11-0
• Motion to Approve the 2014 Program Budget up to $27,350 –
• Electronic Meeting Ended 7 March 2014
Committee Reports
• Chair – Chris Eberly
• Chair stepped down in February 2014
• Several inquiries from potential partnering
certifications (NEPA Professionals, etc.)
• Several applicants requested status updates
• No new certifications awarded
• Posted a new online .pdf application
• Explored a new chair in Rhys Evans but not yet
committed (still vacant)
• Needs a more committed body of reviewers or a new
Hall of Fame
• New Committee formed by BOD Motion on 14
May 2014 with 5 members
• Committee is reviewing and determining its
first slate of nominations
• Intent to announce the first recipients in
Omaha in 2015
• Nothing to report
• Hosted several webinars throughout 20132014 via Todd Wills’ support and DCO
• Made updates to the website throughout the
• Regained control over our website
• Sent out Pollinator Proclamation
• Staffed and progressed the Facebook Page
(LIKE us!)
Governmental Affairs
• Chair – Junior Kerns
• Provided materials relating to training
restrictions and Congressional bills to limit
federal conferences
• Monitored and reported on movements on
the federal budget and spending resolutions
Archives & Electronic Archives
• Received materials from at least two members
for scanning and archiving
• Continued project to scan past programs. Still
missing several years – see Rich Fischer
• Continued to update the history.doc
• Provided guidance on past motions
• Requested and received master lists from
Christine Wibowo (membership database), Rhys
Evans (Yahoo listserv) and David McNaughton
(website membership) and collated
• Processed the master list for duplicates and
began to remove expired members
• Distributed contact lists by region to Regional
• Working towards a Member Directory for 2015
WMI Coordination
• Requested to be placed on the planning
committee for the North American
• Request granted, but WMI sent notice and
discussion through expired nmfwa.org email
• Fixed the issue in November 2014 so we will
be in the loop next year
• Negotiated soft lines for issues with
responsibilities and expectations for
programming contributions
Working Group Reports
Bird/Animal Airstrike Hazard
• Chair – Michael Wright
• Provided management advice and technical
• Researching and consolidating a list of resources
related to grass-height and habitat issues
• Co-chair Lucas Oligschlaeger resigned (JAN/FEB
• Nominated 2 candidates for vacant chair and held
an electronic vote (results at annual meeting)
• Holding a meeting in Denver
Law Enforcement
• Chair – Christopher Zimmerman
• Law enforcement information and cultural resource
updates were routinely provided to CLEO’s from all
• Numerous email discussions
• 20 May 2013 Board convened at US Army Military
Police School to determine tasks critical to CLEP
mission – 32 specific functions id’ed for lesson plans
and annual refresher training
• 17 Oct 2013 DoDI 5525.17, Conservation Law
Enforcement Program signed providing guidance and
direction to Services on CLEP issues
• Met in DC at the 2012 Annual Meeting
• Chairs – Trish Cutler and Rick Lance
• Held or distributed information on several
online trainings and webinars
• Provided information on recent ESA activity
• Answered membership questions and
provided expertise
• Sent out Anabat units for installation surveys
• No report
Invasive Species
• Chair – Peter Egan
• Sent out digest email regularly throughout the
• Provided technical expertise to membership
and Armed Forces Pest Management Board
• Held a meeting in DC at 2013 Annual Meeting
• No report
Fish and Wildlife Recreation
• Chairs – John Haddix and Alan Schultz
• Held several spirited email discussions
• Convened an ad-hoc committee to discuss a
position statement on CLEO positions in Dept.
of Army
• Putting together a 3-day live workshop on
disability access to be held in Fort Drum in
Chairs – Jay Rubinoff and Steve Najjar
Provided a newsletter on a semi-regular basis
Held several spirited email discussions
No report
• Declared National Pollinator Week and passed
a proclamation
• Will hold elections at the 2014 Annual Training
• No report
Climate Change
• Chair – Tim Hayden and Unknown
• Chair retired from Defense position during
• No report since 2010
• Dissolved by Board on 3/10/14
• Allowed to reorganize under original charter
by providing identified leadership
• See Laura Muhs or Dawn Lawson if interested
• Program Input – Elizabeth Neipert
[email protected]
• Committee Interest – Todd Wills
[email protected]
• Nominations – David McNaughton
[email protected]
• TWS Military Lands Working Group Support
• Climate Change Working Group – Laura Muhs
[email protected]
• Open floor
Gavel Ceremony

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