British feedback from stories - We all smile in the same language!

Children who are 6/7 and 4/5 years old read your story:
>The first class found the story funny and the sound effects made them laugh! They
thought the story included a cow, a mountain climber, a giant, a fairy, water, fire and
thunder. They watched it a few times to try and understand it.
Story of
Búkolla (The
Magic Cow)
The children first thought the cow was putting out the fire with her udder. Later, we
realised how she helped to put out the fire by drinking up the water. One child was
certain that the noise was a woodpecker, but the other children thought it was
thunder. Thank you for sharing your story with us. We enjoyed it!
>The second class thought it was about an Old lady who had a toothbrush and was
wearing her pyjamas. She sees a cow on the mountain. The woman moos loudly
because it is very cold! A giant comes and cow uses pixie dust magic. The water
comes and the cow drinks it. Two giants come back and the cow makes fire come
with magic. Then magic thunder comes. The giant isn’t happy so he goes away.
We liked the cow mooing loudly. We liked the giant because of his big stomps.
We learnt that giants are big and tall and don’t like loud noises!
Children who are 4/5 and 5/6 years old read your story.
>The first class watched the story and thought it was very funny when the cat ran
away, but some children thought that it might have been a wolf tricking her.
Story of The
Little Old
Some of the comments we got were:
She was sad and crying (the old lady) because the wolf drank her water
The cat ran upstairs and he was going home to his real house
It was a funny story and it was funny when the wolf drank the water
Is she a muslim? Because she got a (head)dress and glasses
I was scared because it was frightening.
>The second class thought that the story was about an old woman who lives on a
farm. She is really old. The woman has no milk so she wakes up her cow. She gets
milk from her cow and then she goes to the shop to get some food to have with the
milk. When she is at the shop the cat drinks the milk. But then the old woman comes
back and shouts at and chases the cat. The cat is scared and climbs up a tree. The old
woman feels sad and says sorry to the cat.
The story taught us to share and not get angry. When we read the written story we
found out more information, that they were very, very small.
The children who are 5 and 6 years old read this story.
The children really liked the music, costumes and the acting and they laughed a lot
while they watched it.
Spain’s story
of El Cargol i
l'herbeta de
They thought that it was about a snail who woke up with a tummy ache. So the
snail went to see the doctor who told him to find a special plant. The snail had to
look in a lot of places to find the plant. When he did find it he couldn’t pull it out.
The snail kept finding more and more friends to help him to pull but they could pull
it out. When there were lots of animal friends the plant did come out and all of the
animals fell over. The snail said “thank you” and then went without the plant
because his tummy ache had gone so his friends were angry!
The children who are 5/6 read this story.
The children knew the story from the title as it is also popular in England.
story of The
Hare and
the Tortoise
The children enjoyed seeing the children in Greece. They thought that the pictures of
their drawing and their acting was nice.
The children thought the story was about a fast hare who thought he was the best
and a tortoise who kept on trying. The hare raced the tortoise, but he was so far
ahead he had a sleep. When he was asleep the tortoise went past him and won the
We learnt that you should not think you are better than someone and that you
should always try your best.
The children who are 4/5 and 6/7 read your story.
Cyprus’ story
of The fox
and the
>The first class said they liked the story, though they had trouble explaining what it
was about. They all knew it was about a fox and some grapes. “The fox ate all the
grapes and he made a house for the dragons.” “The fox said hide!” “I like this story
because the fox hid the dragons.” “I know what it’s called, The fox and the
shoemaker.” “I like the dragons.”
>The second class were asked. Question: Did you like the story? Answer: 'Yes, I really
liked it because of the nice pictures‘ 'Yes, it made me feel excited to see what would
happen next'
Q: What did you think the story is about? A: 'I thought it was about a fox being really
kind and helping the man‘ 'I thought the story was about the king trying to find a
man to marry his daughter'
Q: Who was your favourite character? A:'I like the fox because he was kind‘ 'I like the
king because he lives in a palace'
Q: What did you learn from this story? A: 'I learnt that the fox is very clever
The children who are 5/6 years old read this story.
The class said, the woman was walking through the clouds and is trying to save the
world. She’s doing that because the sunshine is hurting her. Other children thought
she is flying above the clouds.
Italy’s story
of The Little
As a whole, the class thought she was eating her lunch and was trying to cut an
orange. Then the rain came as she washes her hands. Later the wind was blowing
the people. When she goes to sleep it rains and the storm clouds come with lighting.
The old woman has a dream. But then when she wakes up there is a big sun and the
sun was bigger than before. She thought she was a hero.
The children who are 5/6 and 6/7 years old read this story
story of Who
wants to
>The first class thought it was about a girl doing the housework. She was very upset
and began to cry. But then she found a necklace and she was curious. The girl put on
the necklace and all of a sudden she was happy. Lots of animals came to visit her.
They arrived and she sent them away each time. However when a mouse came she
said “yes” to him. We think she is choosing a best friend. The other animals all go
away and eat food together.
>The second class said:
“The princess has load of pets and she doesn’t know doesn’t know which one she
really like.”
“I think the story is about the dog and the mum.”
“I think it’s like beauty and the beast”

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