Wayside Youth & Family Support Network

Wayside Community Service Agency
 What is the CSA?
The Community Service Agency provides two
services under CBHI, the Children’s Behavioral
Health Initiative.
 ICC, Intensive Care Coordination
 Family Support & Training
There are 32 CSAs throughout the state
Wayside Community Service Agency
 Who is eligible for services under the CSA?
 Children/Youth with an SED, (Severe Emotional
Disturbance) and their families
 Must be under the age of 21
 Must have MassHealth Standard or
 Parent/Caregiver/Guardian agree to participate
 Most children/youth have complex needs and are
working with other providers or state agencies
Wayside Community Service Agency
 What do we do?
 Assist families in identifying their strengths and
needs (In-home behavioral assessment – CANS)
 Use a Wraparound process to create plans that
meet the needs of the child/family (Care Planning
Meetings – Individual Care Plans)
 ICC: Engage providers, state agencies, schools,
and informal supports to collaborate
Wayside Community Service Agency
Family Partners:
 Provide support from someone who has “been
 Help parents develop advocacy skills
 Support for family around school, CSA, court,
hospital and agency meetings
 Assist in identifying supports, community resources
and family strengths to build on
 New service: FS&T through IHT or OPT referral
Wayside Community Service Agency
 What does a CPT (Care Planning Team) look
Welcome & Introductions
Vision for the Child and Family
Child & Family Strengths
Child & Family’s Current Concerns, Needs
Brainstorm Options
Goals & Specific Tasks
First Signs of Progress
Review & Update any Safety Plans
Schedule Follow up Meeting
Wayside Community Service Agency
 Who attends CPT Meetings?
 The family’s natural supports: family, friends,
members of faith community, mentors, coaches,
babysitters, neighbors (identified by family)
 The family’s professional supports: therapists,
social workers, teachers, school personnel,
home-based clinicians, psychiatrists,
psychologists, emergency service providers
 Who ever the family would like to be there
Wayside Community Service Agency
 What is our goal?
 To assist families with access to community
based services, resources & supports
 Help families sustain the services, resources &
supports that work for them
 Assist families with the day-to-day coordination &
collaboration of all their services/supports
 Provide HOPE to families and all who are part of
their team
Wayside Community Service Agency
 What other services are available to families
through CBHI?
 MCI, Mobile Crisis Intervention
 In-Home Behavioral Services
 Therapeutic Mentoring Services
 In-Home Therapy
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
 MCI, Mobile Crisis Intervention
 Therapeutic response to a child’s mental health
crisis by trained crisis professionals
 24 hrs day, 7 days week
 Mobile service: in community setting (home,
schools, residential programs, group homes)
 Short term service (up to 72 hrs)
 Access through local ESP (Emergency Service
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
 In-Home Therapy
 In-home, intensive, family based treatment
 Goals: treat child’s mental health needs &
promote healthy functioning of child in family
 Can be a stand alone service – do not have to
have ICC or Out patient therapy to be eligible
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
 Therapeutic Mentoring Services
 Structured one-on-one mentoring relationship
between therapeutic mentor and child/adolescent
 Addresses daily living, social & communication
 Set goals to support social functioning
 In home, school or social settings
 Must have ICC, Out patient therapy or In-Home
Therapy to be eligible
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
 In-Home Behavioral Services
 Behavior management therapy and monitoring
 Specialized service for children with persistent
problem behaviors, who don’t benefit as much
from talk-based therapies
 Any setting where the child is naturally located,
including home, school, childcare centers, respite
 Child/youth must be enrolled in ICC or Out
patient therapy to be eligible
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
 How to access CBHI services?
 Families can call their MassHealth Manage Care
Organization: MBHP, Network Health, BMC,
Fallon, Neighborhood Health
 Families can self refer to their local CSA
 Child’s pediatrician can connect families to
behavioral health services
 Social Workers, therapists, court, school
personnel can call on behalf of the family
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
 More information on CBHI :
 More information on MassHealth:
Mass Family Voices
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
Referrals for CSA: Kim Ward (508) 620-0010 ex 109
Referrals for Family Partner: Irene Roche/Robin Joyce
(508) 620-0010 ext 108/112
Referrals for IHT & TM: Shannon Ahern
(508) 620-0010 ex 324
Referrals for MCI: Advocates, Psychiatric Emergency
Services (508) 872-3333

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