Business Modeling
Week 5
5:30 – Team Stand Up
5:40 – Business Modeling
6:15 – Activity: Business Model Canvas
7:25 – Ongoing Offsite Activities
Introduce Business Modeling
Introduce Business Model Canvas
Total Addressable Market
Customer Acquisition Costs
Business Modeling
• Speaker Name
• Title
• Credentials
Business Model Canvas
Customer Segments
• Who are all the people and
organizations for which you are
creating value?
These can be both paying and nonpaying customers.
Value Proposition
• Which customer needs are we
• What value do we deliver to the
Revenue Streams
• To be in business, sooner or later
someone has to pay you. Who is that?
Probably the person who actually
benefits most from the app - and it may
not be the person using it!
Key Partnerships
• Who can help you leverage your
business model?
Who would be interested in your users?
Case Study: Symple App
Symple App - a mobile
phone application that
allows the chronically ill to
keep a diary of symptoms
• Who might want that
• Patients, doctors, and
drug companies
Symple App:
Customer Needs
Patient – having accurate information
about symptoms on a daily basis will
improve treatment
Doctors – can better manage
symptoms if they have accurate
information to prescribe for
Drug Companies – can produce
drugs that can better solve problems
if they know what the real problems
Symple App:
Value to Patients
• Symple App will help the
patient capture accurate
information about how they
are feeling, thus improving
their diagnosis and refining
treatment plans
Symple App:
Value to Doctors
• Symple App will deliver
reliable and accurate
information which could
improve efficacy of patient
treatment plans
May surface up negative
food or drug interactions
Symple App:
Value to Drug
• Symple App will deliver
reliable and accurate
information to drug
companies to better
understand how the drugs
act and react
Improves proper patient
targeting and dosage
Potential Revenue
Patients pay for the Symple and keep data
Patients get Symple free and the business
is offset by ad revenue by drug and
insurance companies
Drug or insurance companies license
Symple to collect and manage their own
Doctors subscribe to patient feed of data
and buy “reports” that summarize patient
behaviors and impact
Potential Key
Insurance Companies
Drug Companies
Electronic Health Record
Software Providers
Business Model Canvas
Business Model Canvas
Find the BMC Example in
your team’s Technovation
Workspace on Google
Weekly Reflections
• What did your team like about this
What challenges did your team have
this week?
Anything else your team would like to
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Ongoing Offsite Activities
Customer Development
Usability Testing
Evaluate Data
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