36x48 Vertical Poster - ISWIM - International Society on Weigh

John W. SMITH*, Pierre BLANC**
[email protected]
ICWIM6 - International Conference on
Weigh-In-Motion, Dallas, June 4-7, 2012
This is the ICWIM 6 template for posters accepted in the poster sessions.
The section headings of the poster
are indicative, but not mandatory.
This template is already in format A0 (0.841m * 1.189m). If you want to
print the result in format A4 or A3, 1/ select « Print », 2/ select the
required printer, 3/ get the printer to print in the correct orientation, 4/
click the Paper/Quality tab, 5/ ensure that paper size is set to A4 or A3, 6/
check the scale to fit option in the print dialogue box, done.
Do not modify the height of the
headings frame and do not change
the size of the content frame.
At least one third of the total
surface shall be occupied by
pictures, diagrams, charts,
sketches, …
In order to be presented at the conference, the posters need to be printed
in format A0 (so 0.841m * 1.189m). The dimensions 0.80m * 1.20m will
also be accepted. For any other special questions, please write to
[email protected]
The template will be put online (on
the webpage of ICWIM6) on
04/09/2012. A first version of the
poster is required for the
05/11/2012, so that the scientific
committee makes a quick check of
the scientific and esthetic qualities
of the poster.
Legend of figure
After this date (05/11/2012), the
poster can be rejected.
Legend of chart
If the title is longer than one line or if there are more than two authors,
please reduce the size proportionnally of all the elements of the title.
Legend of chart
Legend of figure
The size of the logos are mandatory.
In the content frame, do not change the characters size.
This is a poster for a 2-column presentation. You can also decide to use
one single column. But a total of three columns is not advised (poster
not wide enough).
Main references
1.You can mention some references, but the maximum of the
number of references should be between 2 and 4.
Legend of figure
Legend of figure

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