XIS* XML Intranet System

XML Intranet System
What is XIS?
XIS, the XML Intranet System provides
the foundation for your database production
and management.
XIS is specifically designed to handle
variable length textual data.
XIS maximizes the flexible application of
your documents by tagging and holding data
in XML (eXtensible Markup Language).
Why XIS?
XIS enables data entry, viewing, sorting,
and other text management functions on
multiple platforms.
Editorial interface works with any browser
running Java 1.1 (or higher) applets.
CGI scripts translate XML to HTML for
read-only access to the database with
non-XML enabled browsers.
Special Features?
XIS, the XML Intranet System
• handles full-text and field formatted
• facilitates deployment of databases on
the web
• allows multiple files
• has no maximum field size
• can handle up to 65,000 fields in a
document set
XIS entry screens are simple and
straightforward for editors to use.
Data fields can be arranged to suit your
and can handle nested data,
revealing additional fields for multiple levels
of information originating from a single point
of input.
For Example
Extra Value
Integrated with Thesaurus Master™ and
Machine Aided Indexer™,
XML Intranet System suggests precise
indexing terms from your thesaurus.
Simply click the MAI button on the XIS
edit screen to display a list of suggested
indexing terms.
Terms are drawn from your thesaurus and
filtered through M.A.I.’s knowledge base.
An organic chemist’s introduction
to polymer chemistry...
In combination
With Thesaurus Master integrated in
XIS, additional indexing terms can be
searched and entered into the record.
Manual entry of terms is also possible.
Thesaurus Master prevents editorial error,
accepting only valid thesaurus terms.
All together
Thesaurus Master,
Machine Aided Indexer, and
XIS work in harmony to provide a
complete and seamless package for
data production,
indexing, and
thesaurus management
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