Host Family Orientation Powerpoint - Part 7

Through the exchange organization, Nacel
Open Door, Inc., insurance coverage is
provided for all students currently studying
at SPP.
Chartis insurance is used for all exchange
Are routine physicals covered?
◦ No, they are not covered, as we only offer illness
and accident insurance.
◦ Physicals must be paid for by the student.
◦ We do not recommend that host parents pay for
medical costs. However, if this has occurred,
please contact your Coordinator or the Nacel
Open Door National Office to inquire about
reimbursement from the student’s natural
Students sometimes need immunizations
before starting school. If the student has
not received all required vaccinations,
would these be covered by the insurance
◦ No, immunizations are not covered by insurance.
◦ Students and their families are informed about the
vaccinations they need before they leave their home
◦ If for some reason the student did not receive all
required vaccinations, please assist them in making
arrangements for this. It is the student's responsibility to
pay for all immunizations.
If my student is ill, should I take him/her to
a family doctor or the emergency room?
◦ If a family doctor is available to see the student
AND if the situation at hand is not life threatening a
family doctor is the best option.
◦ If there is no other resource, urgent care or an
emergency room can be utilized.
When I take my student to a doctor, how
should we handle payment of the bill?
◦ The best option is to have the doctor or clinic bill
Nacel Open Door directly. The billing address
information is on the back of the insurance card.
◦ If there are out of pocket expenses, please fill out
the Nacel Open Door claim form and mail it to the
Nacel Open Door National Office.
Where do I find a Nacel Open Door claim
◦ There is a claim form in the back of the host family
handbook. You may make copies and have the
person who made payment submit them to the
Nacel Open Door National Office.
◦ There is also a claim form with the insurance
certificate in your Host Family Packet.
◦ If you cannot locate a claim form, simply call Kathy
Whitney at the Nacel Open Door National Office at
Are prescriptions covered?
◦ Yes, prescriptions are covered, except for
medication that can be purchased “over the
counter,” such as aspirin, cold medicine, etc.
◦ Furthermore, prescriptions for pre-existing
conditions or psychological medications are not
What should I do if my student needs
dental attention or eye care?
◦ The insurance certificate indicates that
general eye care is not covered and only
emergency dental care is covered.
◦ If the student needs dental work that exceeds
the coverage amount on the insurance
certificate, he/she is responsible for the
additional cost.
◦ If the student needs eye care (unless as a
result of a covered accident), the student is
responsible for the cost of the eye care.
What are some things NOT COVERED by the illness
and accident insurance policy?
◦ A few examples of things NOT COVERED include:
 physicals
 medical care or prescriptions for any pre-existing
conditions (such as allergies, acne, etc.)
 eye care or related prescriptions (unless the eye care is
needed as result of a covered accident)
 plastic surgery
 psychiatric or mental health care
 drugs not prescribed by a physician
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