Brodetsky lecture poster with abstract

Selig Brodetsky Memorial Lecture 2014
Professor Charles Burnett
(Warburg Institute, University of London):
Muslims, Jews, Christians, and the Astrolabe:
The Establishment of a New Science
10 June 2014, 17.30 pm
Nathan Bodington Council Chamber, Parkingon building, University of Leeds.
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Within the ten-year period from 1140
to 1150, the first texts on the
astrolabe were written in Hebrew,
and several translations and original
works were written in Latin. The texts
were either translations of, or closely
dependent on Arabic originals, and
there is evidence for collaboration
between Jewish and Christian
scholars, and access to Arabic
libraries, if not to Arabic practitioners
themselves. Particularly significant is
the situation in Barcelona and in
Béziers. …
...The establishment of the 'new
science' of the astrolabe will be
investigated in the intellectual
context of the mathematical
disciplines in general, and in the
communities in Barcelona and in
Prof. Burnett is Principal Investigator,
“The Jewish Astrolabes Project”
Hosted jointly by:
Centre for Jewish Studies / History and Philosophy of Science /Mathematics / Institute for Medieval Studies

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