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Timothy Belloff, M.Ed.
Instructional Technology Specialist Candidate
Chestnut Hill College
 Introduction of Candidate
 My Portfolio
 Standards
 Knowing the Content
 Performances
 Professionalism
 Over the past year I have served as the Instructional
Technology Coach at Penn Wood Middle School in the
William Penn School District thanks to the Enhancing
Education Through Technology Grant.
 Prior to that I was an American History teacher who
loved to use technology in my classroom.
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 It was while teaching American History that I decided
to obtain my Master’s Degree in Instructional
 I completed my degree while attending Arcadia
University, graduating with a 4.0 GPA.
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 I came to Chestnut Hill College because I was given
the opportunity to complete the Certification process
for Instructional Technology Specialist.
 These are some of the highlights of my portfolio I
created from classes at Arcadia, Chestnut Hill College
and my professional job as Coach at Penn Wood
Middle School.
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 There are many goals in creating this portfolio. I am
using it as my presentation for candidacy as an
Instructional Technology Specialist, and I have used it
in my job as a coach to justify what I have done to work
in that position. It is also a live website that I plan on
continually using to serve as a live and up to date
online resume.
 These are some of the highlights I feel best exemplify
what I have learned (and continue to learn) as an
Instructional Technology Coach.
 Instrumental Member of EETT Grant team in selecting
software, leading the installation team for our
Promethean Boards and Projectors as well as training
staff members on how to use them.
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 Audacity is a free audio recorder and editor
 It is an excellent tool for recording students in a variety
of ways and it is very easy for them to learn to use on
their own.
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 As one of the things I had
to do in getting ready for
teaching ActiveInspire to
my staff was place the
faculty in the best setting
possible for them to learn.
 I utilized a modified
version of the Hooper and
Rieber Scale in which they
talk about 5 levels of
Technology Integration.
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Knowing the Content
• Independent Study on Networking at
Chestnut Hill College.
 As part of my Master’s work at Arcadia I had to work
collaboratively on-line with other students creating
different plans and assignments. One of the plans we
created involved us creating a technology plan that
showed technology integration for each lesson.
 The following slides are an excerpt from that
Cold War Unit
Arcadia Middle School
Ashley Godshall, Regina Hastings and Timothy Belloff
►Instructional Level – Middle School – 7th or 8th Grade
►Curricular Focus – The Cold War
 Lesson Plans Included:
►Social Studies (3)
►English (2)
►English/Language Arts
Art Lesson Plan – Interpreting Spoken Word by Timothy
► In this lesson students will listen to and read along with
Winston Churchill as he gave his speech on the “Iron
Curtain” coming across Europe. The students will be
asked to represent his speech in an art medium of their
► Technology Incorporated:
Computer with speakers – Listen to speech
Mobile Computer Lab for students to look at following websites:
►Lesson Plan and
Possible Cartoon Sample from Student
• Instructional Technology Wiki for PWMS
 I have helped to create, plan, participate in and deliver
numerous in-services while being involved in the
technology at my school.
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Still from Self Recorded Video
 Independent Study on 3D Virtual Worlds
 Programs like Second Life
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Snapshot from SL and Tim Belloff’s
 Per the EETT Grant our school needed to keep
assessment records of both Students and Staff in
regards to their knowledge of technology.
 We used a portal of SimpleK12
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• Sample Technology Plan for Penn Wood
Middle School
 The live version of my Google Calendar embedded into
my portfolio.
 Methods of Communication included my Twitter feed,
WordPress Blog and my Instructional Technology
Bulletin Board at school which would provide a way of
communicating with various stakeholders of Penn
Wood Middle School.
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