Verification of Income

Income Verification Documents – What is Acceptable?
• For employees who report earned income from an employer, 4
weekly paystubs or 2 bi-weekly paystubs are acceptable.
Paystubs should be dated within the last 60 days and should
contain a full month’s worth of income. Tax returns for
individuals are not acceptable proof of income.
• If income varies or an individual receives commission income
this should be documented in a separate letter describing how
income fluctuates month to month. Please send the last 3
month’s worth of paystubs.
• For self-employed businesses, the most recent quarterly profit
and loss statement is an acceptable income verification
document. Please be sure the applicant’s name is on the
statement, not just the business name.
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Documents Verifying Income
Acceptable Documents for Verifiable Items
Verifiable Items
Annual Income
Acceptable Documents
A month’s worth of current paystubs
Business records showing income after allowable
Dept. of Labor Statement
Employer Letter
Income Source Statement
Pension Award Notice
SSA Award Notice
SSA Benefit verification letter
SSA Benefits Letter
SSA Budget Letter
SSA Earning Record
SSA Payment History
SSA Statement Letter
Social Security Income Letter
Statement of Projected Earnings
Tax return, W-2 or 1099s for most recent tax year
Unemployment Award Notice

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