Hovermatt Module

Presented by: Jonna Bobeck BSN, RN, CEN
 Used
to assist with lateral transfers and
 Radiolucent and artefact free
 Fewer staff required for transfer and
decrease in injuries
 Air perforations on the underside reduce
 Patients
unable to assist in their own lateral
 Patients whose weight or girth poses a
potential health risk for the caregivers
responsible for repositioning or laterally
transferring said patients
 Patients
who are experiencing thoracic,
cervical or lumbar fractures who are
diagnosed as unstable, unless in conjunction
with a spinal board on top of the Hovermatt
Caregivers must verify that bed is securely
locked prior to transfer
 Additional caregivers are recommended when
moving patients over 750lbs/340kg
 Do not attempt to move a patient on an uninflated mattress
 Route the power cord as to not pose a tripping
 Avoid blocking air intakes of the air supply unit
 NEVER leave the patient unattended on an
inflated mattress
 ALWAYS use at least two people during patient
 When
using the Hovermatt in the MRI
environment, a 25 foot specialty hose is
 Patient
should be horizontal
 Place HoverMatt underneath patient
 Plug air supply into outlet
 Insert hose
 Turn on air Supply
 Grasp handles and pull at an angle
 Ensure the patient is centered
 Press standby
 Mattress:
Reusable constructed with nylon twill
Between use wipe with 100:1 bleach solution
May be laundered for heavy soiling
 Air
In between patient uses, the Air Supply can be
cleaned by wiping down using a damp cloth with
soap and water or mild neutral detergent. Dry
using a clean , dry cloth or disposable paper
DO NOT spray cleaners or liquids directly on the
Air Supply
 Visually
 Make sure all handles are intact
 Inspect for tears or holes
 Remove from use if any damage is found
 Seams
are heat sealed
 Offers a stain and fluid proof surface
 May use sheet on top of mattress
 Employ same protocols for isolation patient
 Hovertech
International. (2012). Hovermatt
air transfer system user manual.
Bethlehem, PA: Hovertech
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