Leone Lattes - OldForensics 2012-2013

Founder of grouping ABO dried bloodstains
PowerPoint by:
Sara Glowacz and
Joanna Pupa
Leone Lattes was a professor at the Institute
of Forensic Medicine in Turin Italy. Dr. Lattes
developed a procedure to apply blood testing
to stains on fabric and other materials.
He used a method for determining the ABO
type of bloodstains that relied on detection of
the specific antibodies.
In 1915 he came up with a procedure in which
dried bloodstains could be grouped as A, B,
AB or O, by using saline solution to restore
dried blood to its liquid form. In 1932, he
invented a way to test for antibodies in dried
blood flakes as well. Latte's procedure of ABO
typing of dried blood was the first of its kind.
Dr. Latte's procedure is still
used today by
some forensic
scientists. Tests for the
ABO antibodies in
bloodstains are called
Lattes tests.

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