quotes - 9ENGLISH

By Alex, Michael & Narise
His double is an idealised picture
that Steven has thought up and was
made to be like a living thing. The
image adds questioning to the story
on whether Steven is insane and how
is the state of his mind.
The newspaper exaggerates
everything in regards to the
mysterious pot, making it seem as it
is more exciting and to make more of
a story out of it. Naming in the
‘Cannibal Pot’ draws in readers and
makes a bigger fuss over it than
necessary. In fact the pot actually has
nothing to do with cannibals.
 Is mentioned by Steven Messenger
when looking at the cave art She is
also mentioned when jan and
wouter meet her and jan gets
married to her
“The Abo kids from near the town
were OK and clean enough, but the
ones who come from the properties
weren't the same…After school ( that
is if they turned up at all) they’d
disappear back into the bush where
they came from. In my opinion it was
better that way”
 Makes you question the mental
state of Steven Messenger and his
concern and interest in the ring
 It is mentioned in the end that
Steven Messenger was looking for
a ride by hitchhiking near his home
to get away from the troubles at
Midway Roadhouse.
 It is mentioned in the afterword
that Steven Messengers dad was
killed that year in a truck crash.
This makes you wonder whether
Steven Messenger knows that his
dad has died and is just trying to
believe that that event did not

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