Icing on the Cake: Integrating DECA

Icing on the Cake:
Integrating DECA
Allison Bentley
Cedar Shoals High School
DECA’s mission
• DECA prepares emerging leaders and
entrepreneurs in marketing, finance,
hospitality and management in high schools
and colleges around the globe.
Guiding Principles
• Our guiding principles explain how we fulfill our
mission by addressing what we do and the outcomes
we expect.
• DECA enhances the preparation for college and careers
by providing co-curricular programs that integrate
into classroom instruction, applying learning in the
context of business, connecting to business and the
community and promoting competition.
• Our student members leverage their DECA experience
to become academically prepared, community oriented,
professionally responsible, experienced leaders.
• Student in my class receive a DECA
performance grade.
– This is for members and non-members
• DECA is co-curricular & MUST be a part of
the marketing class.
State Officers
• Invite State Officers in to speak to students
– Speak on
Leadership opportunities
Upcoming events
What DECA means to them
How to run for office
Promotional PowerPoint/Video
• I present this the first week of school.
– Includes pictures of:
Field Trips
Member Outings
DECA Dimensions
• This is the monthly National DECA member
– September Issue
• http://www.deca.org/issues/21/
– September Issue Scavenger Hunt
• http://www.deca.org/_docs/publicationsattachments/DIM_2011_Sept_Oct.pdf
• Submit articles on community service or other
activities your chapter does.
GA DECA Chapter Spotlight
from www.gadeca.org
– Georgia DECA is excited to recognize all the efforts and activities of
our local chapters by putting them on the website! We will feature one
every month. There is no specific requirement of the type of activity,
but it has to involve your local chapter of DECA.
Must be submitted by the chapter advisor
No more than 100 words
The event must have taken place during this school year, 2011-2012
Two chapters a month will be spotlighted
– Email picture & article to [email protected]
– You may include pictures (no more than two, please)
Chapter Website
• Have officers create a School DECA website.
– Post
Community service
• You can link to:
– National DECA
– Social Media Page(s)
Statesman Testing
• Use the Statesman Award for Bell Ringer in
classes or Trivia game.
Guest Speakers
• Schedule them on your DECA Day.
• Give them some points to discuss that relate to DECA and/or
material your covering in your class.
• Examples
Toastmasters (public speaking)
Men’s Wearhouse (Men’s Professional Dress)
Chick-fil-A (Leadership)
Colleges/Universities & Technical Schools
Chamber of Commerce
Rotary Club or other local civic organization
**Make sure students write HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU NOTES
to the guest speaker.
Mock Interviews
• I found local business around town that would
be willing to hire high school students to come
in and conduct Mock Interviews on DECA
• They judged students using the DECA Job
Interview Scoring sheet.
**Some students leave class that day with a job
Region, State & International
• I have created a Notebook for all competition
areas. This way when a student signs up to
compete in that area, they have all the
materials they need.
– Sample Cheat Sheets
– Current Rules
– Past Winners
– Past Competition Material
Written Events Events
• This is my semester project.
• I provide students with examples (DECA
images) and they have time to look through
those for ideas on how they need be structured
and what kinds of information can be
Testing Events
• Bell ringers
• Base classroom material around questions and
use certain questions on test.
• Have your students set up a trivia day in class.
Chapter Meetings
• Once a month, after the regular DECA
• Elect officers for each class.
DECA Promotional Material
• Students can use DECA DAY time to create
display boards, flyers and other material to be
displayed around school or for events.
• This is the time to let your chapter SHINE!
• Make sure that you let your whole chapter submit ideas.
– Ideas
Member Luncheon
DECA Shirt Day
Ice Cream Social
DECA Trivia on announcements
Dress for Success
DECA Spirit Week (similar to Homecoming Spirit Week)
DECA members wear "Ask me about DECA" pins
Administration Appreciation
Informational Meeting
Community Service Day
DECA Diamond King & Queen
Host a DECA Trivia Night Social for Members and their friends
DECA Tailgate before football game
Global Entrepreneurship Week
• November 14-20, 2011
• http://www.gewusa.org/
• Why organize a Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA activity?
– We need people and organizations to help create an environment that
allows entrepreneurial behavior to flourish. It is important that young
people believe in themselves and strive to make their ideas happen, and
they deserve encouragement and support. The drive to nurture
enterprising behavior needs business, education, government,
voluntary organizations and the media to work together—no single
sector or organization working in isolation can create opportunities on
this ambitious scale. Global Entrepreneurship Week is a great
opportunity to showcase what thousands of organizations already do
to help foster a culture that embraces innovation, imagination and
creativity. http://www.gewusa.org/
Community Service
• Students in your classes can research & create promotional
material for your community service opportunities.
Make A Wish Foundation
Toys 4 Tots
Military Care Packages
Safe Trick or Treat (Elementary School)
Coins 4 Cancer
American Cancer Society
Human Society
Thanksgiving Baskets for DFACS
Christmas Angel Tree
Breast Cancer Awareness
Community Fair
Sales Projects
Have your classes create promotional materials for the school and
Car Wash
Prom Preview
Krsipy Kreme Donut Sales
Chick-fil-A Biscuit Sales before school
Bake Sale
Discount/Coupon Books
Chick-fil-A, Zaxby's, Stevi B's Pizza or any business Spirit Night
Bag Groceries for local grocery store for tips
Candy Sales
Chick-fil-A Calendar Sales
Talent Show
Lollipop Sales
Cookies Sales
Valentines Day--Balloons & Carnations
Christmas Cards
Halloween Boo Grams
Powder Puff Football Game (junior vs seniors)
Dress 4 Success
• DECA Day = Dress 4 Success Day
• Count as part of DECA Day Grade
• At the beginning of the semester discuss the
• This looks really good when you have guest
speakers come into your class, especially when
they are discussing professionalism.
Local Officer Training Program
• I change mine around a little bit and do with
all my classes.
– Ice Breakers
– Leadership Activities
– Group Activities
– Individual/ Class Goal Setting
– How can they contribute to DECA?
– What can DECA do for them?
The other CTSO’s
• Team up with the other CTSO’s in your school
– Leadership Training
– Community Service Projects
Other Ideas

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