Boo Radley

Boo Radley
The Legend of Boo
Characterization of Boo Radley
10 points
• Chapter 1 gives us a clear characterization of Boo Radley,
the town legend
• With your group, write the descriptive words used to
characterize Boo and create a character sketch. What
does Boo look like?
• Cite two quotes that validate your characterization with
page numbers
• Write a summary in your own words that describes Boo
Radley’s appearance and disposition using the words
your group chose to draw your sketch.
• What can your group infer about how the town feels
about Boo based on Lee’s description in Chapter 1? Cite
three quotes from the chapter with page numbers and
state your inference based on your chosen quotes.
Urban Legend
• Based on your research and the presentations
done in class, what makes Boo Radley an urban
• Find specific evidence in the text that supports
the idea that Boo is an urban legend and
identify with page numbers your support

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