Theme Statement

Theme Statement
• Think of a theme statement as a message we
see in the text and it can be applied to our
own lives.
Example for Social Injustice
• Theme Statement: People in society tend to
treat each other unequally and judge.
• Example One: How Aunt Alexandra treats the
Cunninghams, and Walter in particular (Lee
• Need two more examples.
Beginnings of the Graphic Organizer
• Thesis Statement – add author and title to
your theme statement:
– Harper Lee clearly shows in To Kill a
Mockingbird that people in society tend to
treat each other unequally and judge.
– In To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, the
author shows that people in society tend to
treat each other unequally and judge.
Graphic Organizer – Body Paragraphs
• Then you need your three main ideas – look to your
evidence. What does it show/prove? That’s your
claim/topic sentence.
– Paragraph One Topic Sentence/Claim: Some people judge no
matter what the situation.
• Evidence – Even though Aunt Alexandra knows that it was a
Cunningham who almost found Tom innocent; she still won’t let Scout
play with Walter (Lee 301).
– Paragraph Two Topic Sentence/Claim: Even people who do not
seem judgmental at all will sometimes judge.
• Example – Calpurnia judging Mr. Radley as he passes the house (Lee
– Paragraph Three Topic Sentence/Claim: Initial judgments can
be incorrect.
• Kids first think Boo is scary and monstrous, based on Stephanie’s
gossip (Lee 15-16), but he saves their lives because he thinks of them
as his own kids (Lee 369-370, 374).
Graphic Organizer – Preview
• Once you know your body paragraphs, then
you can write the preview statement. This is
one sentence that previews the three body
paragraph ideas in order.
– Example: While some people judge others no
matter what the situation, others rarely judge
and still others find that their initial judgment
was incorrect.
Graphic Organizer –What’s left?
• How will you explain your evidence – this is
the reasoning that should tie back to your
claim and theme statement.
• Think of transitions between paragraphs
• Attention-getter – Quote, Idea
– Do not use rhetorical questions
• Conclusion – What will you review
• Completed graphic organizer due EOH

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