Hinduism and Buddhism Develop (Part 2)

Hinduism and Buddhism
Chapter 3-Section 2
Buddha Seeks Enlightenment
• Siddhartha GautamaFounder of Buddhism
– Legend said if he:
• Stayed Home = World Leader
• Left Home = Spiritual Leader
– To make sure he became both
his dad isolated him in his
palace – only allowed to
leave 4 times.
• Siddhartha spends life
searching for an end to suffering.
• Wandered India for six years.
• Meditated under fig tree for 49 days.
• Achieved understanding of the cause of
suffering in the world.
• Was known as the Buddha, meaning
“the enlightened one”.
Buddha Seeks Enlightenment
• The Four Noble Truths– Life is filled with suffering and sorrow.
– The cause of suffering is selfish desire for
temporary pleasure.
– To end all suffering you must end all
– To overcome desires and attain
enlightenment, one must follow the
Eightfold path (the “middle way”
between desires and self-denial)
Buddha Seeks Enlightenment
• The Eightfold Path
Right View
Right Thought
Right Speech
Right Behavior
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Meditation
• If you follow the Eightfold path and you’ll reach
Buddha Seeks Enlightenment
• The Three Jewels of
– Sangha (Religious
– The Buddha
– Dharma (Religious
Buddha Seeks Enlightenment
• Buddhism was
founded in India
but over time
became absorbed
by Hinduism
• Many of Buddha's early followers were the
‘untouchable’s’ because Buddha rejected the
idea of a Hindu caste system
• Monks and nuns took vows to live a life of
poverty and never marry
• They wandered throughout India, spreading
Buddha’s messages – but it was traders who
carried Buddhism’s message out of India.
• The teachings of Buddha were written down
after his death
3 signs:
1. circling a shrine
2. lying face down
3. offering flowers
…are important
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