Inuits - sunflower5thgrade

By: Ramsey
The inuits wore two layers of caribou skin. The
first layer was against their body and the skin was
facing inward so the fur kept them warm, and the
second layer with the fur facing outward protected
them from snow getting in their clothes. Their
boots were made of caribou skin and sheep skin
and the fur was facing outward. The boot went all
the way up to their knees.
The Inuit hunted for all of there food. They ate
a wide range of food from whale to caribou.
The even ate seal, walrus, polar bear, arctic
hare, fish, birds, and fruits.
The Inuit's lived in Russia, the United States,
Canada, an Greenland. There are about 90,000
Inuit's in the world. Normally they live on
coasts of islands.
The major religions are Traditional Animism
and Christianity. The Inuit's went to church
,and they did sports and sung quire
The Inuit's invented the waterproof jacket.
They also made us now shoes.
They even made canoes!
The Inuit's used a bobsled and a team of
huskies. They also used snow mobiles. They
did use kayaks.
The Inuit's used bow and arrows. They also
used harpons . The Inuit's used three pronged
The arctic was the coldest place on earth.
During the winter there was normally no or
little light. The lived in hand made igloos.
The inuit’s did not stay in one place for a long
time. During the winter they normally live
along the coasts. In the summer they Inuit's
lived in forest.

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