Things you have to do in
the Neptun administration
system during a semester
Maintanance of your personal data
Viewing the time periods
Registration for subjects
Registration for courses
Registration/Log in for a semester
Registration for exams
Maintanance of your personal
Your personal data can be modified under
„Personal data”. Certain data can only be
modified by the Central Study Office [CSO]
and here you can only request those
Finding the time periods
To know what should be done and when can it be
done, you need to check the time periods when
certain activities are allowed to do. To check these
time periods see „Information” and „Periods” under it.
Viewing the time periods
You can view the appropriate semester’s periods.
Registration for subjects
You can register for subjects under „Subjects” –
„Subject registration”
Choosing semester, curriculum
and launched courses
For subject registration you need to select the appropriate
semester and the corresponding curriculum first. It is
advisable to choose only from subjects with actually
launched courses.
Searching for a specific subject
After pushing the „List subjects” button we can search for
subjects by clicking at first on the magnifier. Then choose
the type of information first and next enter the searched
text or data.
Collecting information about a
Subject details - Course
Information can be received about the courses (classes) of a
subject. You can see that a subject can have more than one kind
of courses (e.g. lecture, practice, laboratory). Naturally you are
not free to choose the types of courses to attend separately.
Please notice also the language of the courses.
Subject details – Basic data
You can find more information about a subject under
„Basic data”. Important info is for example the credit value
or the exam type of the subject, which can be signature,
mid-term mark or exam.
Course details
Similarly to the „Subject details”, you can view „Course details” as
well. You can see the basic data with the type of the course and
the lecturer and you can check the „Students” registered for the
course among other information. Under „Lessons” you can find a
very important information, the timetable of the course.
By clicking on the „More timetable information” button all the
dates and times of the lectures can be seen during the semester.
Course details - Students
Under „Students” you can read the names of the students
attending a course.
Registration for a course
Choosing different types of courses with suitable timetable
you can register by at first ticking the corresponding box
then pushing the „Save” button.
Viewing the registrated subjects
and deregistering a subject
After subject and course registration it is recommended to check
the registrated subjects Here you can deregister a subject, too
by clicking on the „Options” and then „Deregister subject” if for
example it was registered with the wrong code.
Registration (Log in)
Following subject registration you have to register for
the semester. This can be done under „Administration –
Registration/Log in”. In the line of your training at the
proper semester in the Status column click on „Register”.
Failing to register for a semester has serious
consequences according to the BME Regulations.
Registration for Exams
Registration for exams is possible under „Exams”. After
choosing the semester it is advisable to choose the
subject, whose exam you are about to register as well.
This way you can avoid to see the exams of other
subjects, which would be confusing.
Checking the results of exams
Following an exam you can view the results under
„Studies – Index”.
Choosing a previous semester you can view the results of
previous exams as well.
Thank you for your attention!

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