How you can create a Crowdrise fundraiser

Crowdrise Fundraising Instructions
A step-by-step guide to using
Crowdrise to collect donations for
your event
Examples of Events
Sign Up!
You can login with an existing social media account or create a Crowdrise
account using your email
Create a Fundraiser
Pick the fundraiser category that is
most applicable to your event
Title the fundraiser anything you’d
like, but please include some
reference to The Bernie Project
Feel free to pick a custom url for
your fundraiser
Set a goal for amount of funds
hoped to be raised
For the description, write a
personalized message and also
reference The Bernie Project
Contact [email protected] to obtain a
selection of photos to choose from for your
fundraiser depending on the category
Linking your Fundraiser
Important Note: When searching for the charity you wish to link with your fundraiser,
you look up Visions Made Viable (under which the Bernie Project is sponsored)
Share Your Fundraiser!
To begin asking your friends and family for donations, go to the Manage Campaign
tab on fundraiser
Here you can share your page on social media sites such as Facebook or
Twitter, or share the link via email. Also on this page you may see your progress
and most recent donations.
Good Luck and Happy

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