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HRMS Student Positions
Pooled vs. Non-Pooled
This presentation covers the following:
• Important Terms
• Pooled Position Rules
See the Student Positions Overview for rules common to both
pooled and non-pooled student positions.
• Creating Student Positions
• Assigning Incumbents to Pooled Positions
See the Student Positions Work Study presentation on how to assign
work study to pooled positions.
• Modifying Pooled Positions
• Modifying Pooled Incumbents
• Resources
Important Terms
Pooled Position
• A position that allows multiple, simultaneous incumbent
assignments. Each assignment of an incumbent to the pool has
an associated unique assignment ID. Only student and university
affiliate positions can be pooled.
• Incumbents in a pooled position must share the same job code
and pay type and must be paid from the same account.
Assignment ID
The unique number, such as AB-100, that identifies the
relationship (assignment) between a pooled position and one of
its incumbents.
Important Terms
Non-Pooled Position
• A position that only allows a single incumbent assignment at any
given time.
• A non-pooled position can have only one incumbent except in
the case of a maximum 90-day overlap of assignments due to
training purposes. Having overlapping assignments does not
constitute a pooled position.
Pooled Positions Rules
• All student titles (job codes) are eligible to be pooled.
• Only one funding account can be used at any given
time for a pooled position.
• An optional recommended number of maximum
assignments can be entered but is informational only.
• A non-pooled position cannot be modified to be a
pooled position.
• It is possible to have only one student assigned to a
pooled position.
Creating Student Positions
A new position’s pooled status is designated on the
Create A New Position start page.
Once a position’s pooled status is determined, it cannot
be changed; a pooled position cannot be modified to
become a non-pooled position and vice versa.
Assigning Incumbents to Pooled Positions
• Incumbents are assigned to pooled positions using a
Mass Assign document.
• From one to 35 incumbents can be assigned to a
position on a single Mass Assign document.
• A pooled position can have multiple Mass Assign
documents created or routing at the same time.
• Assignment begin and end dates, direct reports to,
rate, and hours per week can be updated for each
incumbent on a Mass Assign document.
Assigning Incumbents to Pooled Positions
• Mass Assign documents must be either all Work-
Study or all non-Work Study assignments.
• Work-Study and non-Work Study incumbents can be
in a single pooled position, but they must be
assigned on separate documents.
• Any assignments that do not pass audits on a Mass
Assign document can be split automatically to a new
Mass Assign document. The new Mass Assign
document appears in your electronic inbox.
Modifying Pooled Positions
Use a Modify document to change the following fields for
a pooled student position:
• General Section
• Origination date
• Owning unit
• Hours per week
• Workdays
• Inactivate position
• Position end date
• Assignment limit
• Funding Section
Funding can be updated, but there must be 100%
distribution from only one account at any given time.
Modifying Pooled Incumbents
Use a Modify document to change the following fields
for a pooled student incumbent:
• Assignment start date
• Assignment end date
• Reason for end of assignment
• Reemployment recommendation
• Hours per week
• Add pay adjustment
• Correct pay adjustment
• Employment of close relatives
Modifying Pooled Incumbents
Modifications of incumbent assignments in pooled
• Handled one-by-one on separate Modify documents
• Select the incumbent EID from the incumbent view page, then Modify
• No mass modify or separation documents
Reassigning previous incumbents in a pooled position
Incumbents can be reassigned to a pooled position by changing the
“View as of Date” to a date within their previous assignments. HRMS
will list all incumbents as of this date with a “Reassign”check box
Training Resources
Videos and exercises on student positions are available on
the HRMS Training Resources Web page:
Other Resources
• Frequently Asked Questions in askUS
• HRMS Help
• Payroll Deadlines
• HRMS Support
[email protected]
Other Resources
• Graduate Office
• Work-Study Office
• Hire A Longhorn
• Human Resource Services: Student Employees
• Human Resource Service Center, 512-471-4772
• International Office

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