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Teacher Workshop 2
Exploring Consumer and Financial
Literacy education in your classroom
Workshop 2 − Overview
This Workshop will:
• Review the importance of consumer and financial literacy education
• Consider parents’ responses to focus questions
• Review any consumer and financial literacy education currently taking
place in the school / learning area
• Identify existing consumer and financial literacy units of work or those
that could be adapted
• Explore the MoneySmart Teaching units of work
• Select units of work to be taught to specific classes
• Identify the requirements for Workshop 3
Why consumer and financial literacy education
is important for all young people
• What experts say- video
• What Parents/carers say – focus question responses
Curriculum review
• Reflect on your teaching program
• Using the NCFL Framework:
– Identify all the consumer and financial literacy education currently taking
place in the school/learning area
– Note any NCFL Framework elements not being covered in current
curriculum or school activities
• Identify existing units of work that could be adapted to include a
consumer and financial literacy focus
Studying a MoneySmart Teaching unit of work
• Work in year-level groups / faculty groups / learning areas
• Review a chosen unit
• Consider how the unit planner maps to the Australian Curriculum and
• Tailor the unit to fit your school and class context
• Consider how this might inform your teaching practice and enhance
student outcomes in consumer and financial literacy
Planning for action
• Develop a plan for the teaching of consumer and financial literacy as a
context for learning using existing and new units considered in the
previous activity
• Establish a time frame to teach and record reflections in preparation for
Teacher Workshop 3
• Consider how parents and the wider school community could be
involved and support his initiative
Preparing for Teacher Workshop 3
• Team members will share:
– a brief report on the unit taught using the Reflection Template
– examples of student work
– assessment tasks
• Date for Teacher Workshop 3

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