FA20S10EntryLevel - Part-Box

FA20 Stage 1.0 Power Package
For Toyota GT86, Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S
Provisional and company Confidential
Key selling points
Normally aspirated power upgrade
Peak power gain: 15 Bhp
Peak torque gain: 11Nm
Cosworth validated with Cosworth car badge
Quick and simple installation
Cost effective and low risk performance upgrade
 No intrusive engine parts
— The tune will also offer the following:
95 & 98 unleaded maps (91 & 93 in USA)
Auto blip on down shift
Gear dependent Rev limit
Flat foot gear shifting
Launch control
— All selectable on the ‘fly’ via cruise control stalk
Provisional and company Confidential
Features and benefits
Peak power gain: 15 Bhp
Increased power in the high-rev-range
Peak torque gain: 11Nm
Increased power in the mid-rev-range
Cosworth validated tune with Cosworth car badge:
Full out-of-the-box tune - no expensive rolling road time needed – fit and go!
Peace of mind from a renowned performance
Brand kudos of the vehicle
Validated upgrade path to higher-performance FA20 Power Packages
Cosworth high-flow air filter
Improved air in-take and combustion improves engine performance
Cosworth low-temperature thermostat
Reduces engine temperature for increased ignition advance and performance
Cost effective
Increased bang for not many more bucks
No intrusive engine components
Simple installation by Cosworth dealer or home mechanic*
Lowers risk of installation issues
Auto blip on down shift
Down shifts can be faster
Masterful technique is always to be admired
Gear dependent Rev limit
Increased flexibility for gear rev limits can improve 0-60 mph times for example
Flat foot gear shifting
Quicker gear shifting can be achieved
Keeps the engine torque up for the next gear for maximum acceleration
Launch control
Maximum acceleration and traction off the line
*Home fitting will require the additional ECUTek ProECU programming kit at extra cost.
Provisional and company Confidential
Package contents
— Cosworth calibration file
— ECUTek license
— Cosworth air filter
— Cosworth low temperature thermostat
— Cosworth car badge
Provisional and company Confidential
Part numbers and pricing
RRP Non-accolade Accolade
£UKP dealer £UKP dealer £UKP
RRP $USD dealer $USD dealer $USD
Part number
FA20 Stage 1.0
ECUTek programming kit (w/o licence)
FA20 Stage 0.1 Cat-back Exhaust
FA20 Stage 0.2 Mid-Pipe Exhaust
FA20 Stage 0.3 Manifold / Header
— Each of the exhaust upgrade components can now be purchased separately by the dealers
 Eases dealer stocking
 Dealers can mix and match the exhaust parts per customer orders / requirements
 Will allow dealer to break out the current S1.1, S1.2 and S1.2 packs
Provisional and company Confidential

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