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A place to live
Types of houses
Put the words from the bottom next to the right description
1. A house that is joined to many other houses is…
2. A house in the county is called a…
3. When you go camping you often sleep in a …
4. A king lives in a …
5.If you live on the seventh floor you probably live in a …
6. A house without any other houses joined to it is…
7. A house with only one floor is a…
8. A house that is joined to another house is …
semi detached
Viewing a flat
Where do you live
now? Tell me about it.
What sort of place
would you like to live
Listen to the estate
agent showing
someone round this
Which rooms does he
mention? Write down
the rooms you hear.
Now listen and answer the questions.
1. Why are there letters on the floor?
There hasn’t been anyone living there.
2. What does the landlord promise you He promises it will be painted before
about the flat?
you move in.
3. Where does the door lead from the
Onto the balcony
4. What will he remove from the main
living area?
A sofa
5. What kind of area is the flat in?
A busy area with lots of pubs and
clubs/ it’s very buzzy
The third floor
6. What floor is the flat on?
7. How many bedrooms are in the flat? One
8. How much is the rent per month
Three hundred pounds
9. How much is the deposit?
Five hundred pounds
10. What can you do if you are
interested in the flat?
Go to the office and sign the
House discussion
Talk to your partner
1. Where do you live?
What’s it like there?
2. What would you change
about where you live?
3. Who lives with you and
who is your neighbour?
4. How are houses in
towns different from
5. Where was the best
place you ever lived?
6. Is it better to rent or buy
in your country?
7. Where would you like to
live? Why?
8. Why do you think some
people are homeless?
9. Do you have any
problems in your house?
What are they?
10. What is your area like?
Tell me about it.
Writing – a persuasive letter
Dear [your name]
I am sorry to inform you that
we are unable to move you
from your present accommodation.
Write a letter back to Mr
Smith explaining what the
problems are with your
house or flat.
We do have limited numbers of
houses and flats that we can offer
people and we usually only give
these to people who have very big
- Use paragraphs and formal
yours sincerely
James Smith
Accommodation Officer
- Be persuasive
- Give good reasons why you
want to move.
Write 100 words

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