W24 Pursuing Federal Grant Funding

Mona K. Koerner, Ph.D.
Policy Consultant
Koerner Solutions
Goal of Resource
 To generate enough excess revenue over expenses to
sustain the organization in order to carry out its
mission by:
 Increasing resources and creating conditions that
make better use of those resources
 Allocating resources more efficiently among
competing uses
 Finding the right balance between income-generating
activities and mission-driven activities
 Planning for resource utilization so that resources are
allocated in a way that creates the greatest benefit
Federal Funding
 Pros
 May provide larger grants than private sector
 May provide funding to pay for things that you can’t
otherwise find funding for
 Cons
 Competitive and time consuming application process
 Sometimes Onerous reporting requirements
Federal Funding Processes
 Block Grants to States and Entitlement Communities
 MFA, City of Albuquerque
 Low Income Housing Tax Credits
 Federal Home Loan Bank
 Affordable Housing Program (CIP, HELP, SNAP, HAVEN)
 Economic Development Program
 Partnership Grant Program
 Federal Discretionary Grants
 Continuum of Care, other Departments, grants.gov
Examples of Discretionary
 USDA Rural Development
Housing Application Packaging Grants
Self-help Technical Assistance Grants
Technical & Supervisory Assistance Grants
Housing Preservation Grants
Rural Community Development Initiative
 Health and Human Services
Planning Grants to Develop a Model for Intervention for Youth
with Child Welfare Involvement at Risk of Homelessness
 Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Grants for the Benefit of Homeless Individuals – Services in
Supportive Housing
National and Regional
 Enterprise Foundation– HUD Capacity Building
 Rural LISC
 Habitat for Humanity International
 Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
Preparing for Federal Funding
 Adequate Systems and Controls
 Fund or Functional Accounting
 Finance Committee
 Research Grant Programs
 Dedicated person (Not the ED)
 Government Contract Registration
 System for Award Management
Funding Matrix
Action to be Taken
Opening Date
Closing Date
Response Time
Match Requirements
Funding Range
Government Contract
 Formerly Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and
Online Representations and Certifications
Application (ORCA)
 System for Award Management (SAM)
 www.unitedstatesbusinessregistration.us
 Get a D-U-Ns Number from Dun & Bradstreet
Successful Federal Grant
 Fit the Stated Goals/Objectives
of Program
 Thorough and Complete
 Answers the Questions
 Formatted Appropriately
Tips for Preparing
Successful Applications
 Carefully select the correct program
 Draft the application BEFORE the Notice is
 Begin with the budget
 Calculate the match correctly and document
 Write the letters of support yourself
 Compete the forms last
Repeating or Renewing
 Perform as promised
 Be timely and thorough in
 Plan ahead. This year’s resources were generated with
last year’s planning.
 Build relationships with funders, banks and organizations
that have done what you are trying to do.
 Develop the systems within your organization that will
allow you to make good resource allocation decisions.
 Improving efficiency and productivity will allow you to
do less fundraising.
 Pursue Federal funding only when it is cost effective to do
so and is consistent with the goal of generating more
revenue than expenses.

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